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Radiation Physics 2

Electromagnetic Radiation; Wave & Quantum Theories

height of a wave amplitude
distance from peak to peak in a wave form/what is the unit of measure/what is the symbol wavelength/angstrom/lambda "λ"
# of wavelengths per unit of measure/what is the unit of measure/what is the symbol frequency/hertz/nu "f" or "v"
ability to do work energy(eV)
states that the intensity of radiation is inversely related to distance squared inverse square law/formula: I1/I2=D2^2/D1^2
discrete bundle of energy:smallest quantity of any type of EM radiation, aka quantum, has no mass or form, travels in sinusoidal wave photon
oscillating electric and magnetic fields that travel in a vacuum with the velocity of light Electromagnetic Radiation
why are xrays described as having a dual nature xrays sometimes act as photons(penetration) and sometimes as waves(attenuation)
what does radiolucent mean easily penetrated
what does radio-opaque mean absorbs xrays/not easily penetrated
what is the range of wavelengths for diagnostic xray .1-.5
rate of doing work/what is the unit of measure power/watt or kilowatt(amperage x voltage)
what is the formula for velocity(used for wave) wave length x frequency or c= lambda(wavelength) x nu(frequency) *wavelength and frequency have a indirect relationship
what is the formula for energy(used for quantum or particle) planks constant(h) x frequency(f or v) or E=hv *energy and frequency have a direct relationship
what factors control attenuation (tech)kVp/e- per gram of matter/density of matter/atomic # of matter
the fraction of a beam of xrays or gamma rays that is absorbed or scattered per unit thickness of the absorber Linear Attenuation Coefficient(LAC)
measurement of how strongly a chemical species or substance absorbs or scatters light at a given wavelength, per unit mass Mass Attenuation Coefficient(MAC) *depends upon state of matter
what is the theory of relativity Energy=mass x velocity squared or E=MC^2 *direct relation ship
electriacal charge symbol/unit of measure Q/coloumb
measure of quantity of ionization produced in air by x or gamma/unit of measure exposure in air/(conventional)Roentgen(R) and (SI)Gray(Gy)
any type of pt dose/unit of measure absorbed dose/(Conventional)RAD *1 Gy= 100 RAD
personnel dose measurement of quantity and quality for radiation/unit of measure dose equivalent/(conventional)REM and (SI)sievert(Sv)
what is the arangement of the EM chart radio, micro, infrared, visual, ultraviolet, x, gamma, cosmic
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