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Radt 456 Liz Delong

Equipment Operation and Quality Control

What part of the x-ray beam helps contribute to forming the image pp. 434 exit beam or remant beam
What is the principle factor affecting beam quantity pp.434 mAs
What is the principle factor affecting beam quality pp.434 kVp
The gradual decrease in an exposure rate as radiation passes through tissue pp.434 attenuation
The type of transformer that increases the voltage pp. 440 step up or high voltage
Generators convert what type of energy pp. 437 converts mechanical energy into electrical energy
What is the autotransformer law/transformer law pp. 441 Vs/Vp=Ns/Np
Rectifers are made from what type of material pp/ 442 silicon, selenium, germanium
What components are part of the cathode pp. 444 one or more filaments, supporting wires for the filaments, and focusing cup
What is the function of the line voltage compensator pp. 452 functions to adjust automatically for any fluctuations in incoming voltage supply
What is the function of the mAs timer pp. 452 the timer monitors the product of mA and time and will terminate the exposure when the desired mAs has been reached
What is the filament circuit responsible for pp. 455 It supplies low voltage current to the filament of the x-ray tube
What is the "Moire" affect pp. 461 This affect is associated with digital imaging and grids. If direction of the lead strips and the grid lines per inch matches the scan frequency of the scanner/reader will cause artifact
What is radiographic QC pp. 493 A organized and methodical evaluation of imaging comments from the x-ray tube to the automatic film processor, with the purpose of decreasing repeat exposures, thereby decreasing patient radiation exposure and increasing cost effectiveness
Who is responsible for QC testing pp. 493 QC technologist, service engineer, and medical physicist
What tool is used to evaluate mA stations pp. 495 aluminum step wedge or penetrometer
How often should collimators be inspected pp.496 Semiannually
Focal spot size can be measured with _________ pp. 497 pinhole camera
How often should personal fluoroscopic shields checked pp. 498 Annually
What is the definition for half value layer pp. 496 the thickness of any absorber that will reduce x-ray beam intensity to one-half its original value
Created by: esdelong