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Pharm 15 Seizure Med


Inactivate Na channel for focal and secondary generalized seizures. SE: ataxia, nystagmus, confuse, gingival hyperplasia, megaloblast anemia, hirsutism, coarse face, skin rash. Induces CYP450. Contra: Stokes-Adams synd Phenytoin
Na channel blocker that slows recovery of Na channels from inactivated to closed. Drug of choice for focal seizures. SE: aplastic anemia, SJ synd, SIADH, hepatitis, nephrotox, rash, blurred vision. Contra: w MAOIs. Carbamazepine
Na channel blocker that slows recovery of Na channels from inactivated to closed. for focal and tonic-clonic seizures and 3rd line for atypical absence seizures. SE: SJ synd, amnesia, angioedema, rash, ataxia, blurred vision. Lamotrigine
slows recovery of Na channels from inactivated to closed w/o blocking Na channel. For focal seizures. SE: dizzy, nausea, headache. Contra: cardiac arrhythmias. Few drug-drug interactions Lacosamide
Specific T-type Ca channel blocker for absence seizures. SE: SJ synd, SLE, seizures. First line for uncomplicated absence seizures Ethosuximide
slows Na chann recovery from inactive and limits activity of T-type Ca chann and increase GABA-mediated inhibition. for generalized/idiopathic epilepsy w mixed seizure types. 2nd line for absence, 3rd line for focal Valproic Acid
more potent HVA Ca chann inhibition for focal seizures w liver disease b/c its metabolized in kidney and has few drug-drug interactions Pregabalin
structural GABA analogue irreversibly inhibits GABA transaminase->increased brain GABA. for infantile spasms and refractory focal epilepsy. SE: periph visual field defects Vigabatrin
Inhibits NMDA Rs selectively (include NR2B subunit). for refractory epilepsy. lacks behavioral adverse effects, but has been associated w fatal aplastic anemia and liver failure Felbamate
Prolongs Na chann inactivation for focal seizures and drop attacks in Lennox-Gastaut synd (childhood freq refractory seizures). No serious adverse effects Rufinamide
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