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Geography points/revision

What is an Oceanic Trench Very deep sections of the ocean floor when the oceanic plate goes down.
Fold mountain Formation Where tectonic plates collide the sedimentary rocks that have built up are folded and forced upwards.
Alps (fold mountain case study) Background- Central Europe Farming- Steep upland areas- goats milk cheese meat HEP- Valleys dammed to generate HEP 60% swiss electricity Tourism- 100 million tourists each year, economy Mining- Salt, iron ore gold Forestry- scots pine planted
Volcano Soufriere Hills (Case study) Primary impacts- Schools,hospitals airport destroyed - Vegetation and farmland destroyed Secondary impacts- Fires destroyed buildings e.g. police HQ - Tourism on island is now increasing Immediate responses-people evacuated Long term- Risk map
Super Volcano formation 1- Magma rises through cracks to form a large magma basin pressure causes a bulge 2- Bulge cracks creating vents. Lava erupts causing earthquakes and ash and rock 3- Magma basin empties and collapses 4- Caldera forms when eruption finishes.
Earthquake L'Aquila,Italy and Kashmir,Pakistan (case study) (I)Prep- Laws on construction (K)- No local disaster plan primary (I)- 290 deaths, hundreds injured(K) 80k deaths, Hundreds of thousands injured secondary (I)- Aftershocks hampered rescue efforts (K)- Diarrhoea and diseases spread
Earthquake continued Immediate-(I)Camps were set up with water food and medical care (K)- no helps for days and weeks Long term- Italian prime minister built a new town (K)- 40k people have been relocated
Tsunami (indian Ocean) 230k people were killed, 1.7m people lost their homes, Infrastructure of many countries were damaged, 5-6m needed emergency food, massive economic damage, tourism suffered, massive environmental damage- sand dunes destroyed responses-£100m sent, £1B(infr.
Created by: MrYelsrennik



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