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Adipogenesis Refs

Tran 2008 Fat transplantation study showing subcut fat cells are better even when viscerally located - post surgery weight gain was reduced, weight of fat added was negligible. Also beneficial in improving insulin sensitivity. Fat drained to portal
Spalding 2008 10% adipocyte turnover per year - Nuclear carbon aging cells, radiocarbon is incorporated into DNA as the cell is formed and we can tell what the rough oncentration was in the atmosphere at that time (plants photosynthesise the 14carbon then we eat them)
Mallewa 2008 HIV lipodystrophy thought to be due to mito toxicity and ins resist after drug therapy. Disrupts levels of adipose signalling molecules. Thought to affect 40% of patients. Adipose loss prob due to nucleoside rev transcriptase inhib acting on mito DNA pol
Rochford 2010 Lipodystrophy Review
Tang 2008 PPARy shown to identify committed preadipocytes with reasonable reliability, also showed that the preadipocytes proliferate. Finally it shows that only some of the pericytic cells are destined to become adipocytes as not all pericytes express PPARy
Roncari 1981 Adipocyte precursors are more proliferative in the obese - Fat cells cultured from the obese and from lean people, radioactive thymidine used to assay cell division
Rodeheffer 2008 Adipose markers - Evidence of CD34 postivity but not of CD31 negativity. Also highlights CD24 as being important. Uses flow cytometry with the individual cells separated on the basis of fluorescence after fluorescent antibody labelling of markers
Palpant 2007 In vitro evidence that white adipocyte stem cells can form muscle, although in vivo it is thought that brown adipose stem cells are a better bet
Jumabay 2009 using differentiated adipocytes as a starting point. In vitro evidence that white adipocyte stem cells can form muscle, although in vivo it is thought that brown adipose stem cells are a better bet
Barbatelli 2010 WAT>BAT conversion. Appears to be due to beta receptors, Beta1Rs cause preadipocytes to collect while beta3 activation incr the presence of BAT which expresses thermogenic proteins incl UCP-1. Aim is to show incr no. of brown cells after exposure to cold
Hong 2005 Converted fibrocytes to adipose tissue in vitro before injecting them into SCID mouse to show the culture could form viable adipose tissue. Used leptin and visual appearance as a marker of differentiation to in mice.
Crossno 2006 Bone marrow transplant from GFP expressing mouse, cells appeared in fat, expressing leptin and perilipin shown by lysate analysis, PPARy and adiponectin also produced. Gene expression differed from BAT and WAT, shows BM may contain adipocyte progenitors.
Tang 2011 Thiazolidenediones deplete no. of preadipocytes. Adipocyte no. rises due to incr conversion rate. Stresses maintenance of stem cell niche. Used BrdU to mark new cells and cre-lox to indelibly mark cells as they entered different stages of differentiation
Cawthorn 2012 Review of lipogenesis and the differentiation from stem cell to adipocyte.
Klein et al 2004 Liposuction had no effect on glucose tolerance, would expect an improvement due to less fat storage or a decline due to reduced storage capacity (how does liposuction differ from lipodystrophy?). Visceral fat more important?
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