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SWGTC Exposures 1

Exposures 1 Class -Waldron

sthenic heavy in muscle and bone
As kvp increases latitude for subject contrast increases
Define Characteristic Radiation Emitted when outer electron fills orbit of inner shell electron.
Destructive Disease Increase in air or fat/decrease normal body fluid and bone
Name two additive diseases. Cardiomegaly and ascites
What is the average size of a small focal spot? .6mm
Adding restrainers to developer solution prevents development of silver crystals and helps to Prevent chemical fog
Total quantity of electricity which flowed through the circuit durin an exposure is measured by mAs
Name two destructive diseases Bowel Obstruction and osteoporosis
Formula for grid ratio H/D
Ability of produced light to escape the phosphor layer and reach the film is called Emission Efficiency
An x ray beam with higher kvp will be able to _______ more types of tissue penetrate
Longer SID ____penymbra and ______ sharpness reduces, increases
All equipment operating above 70 kvp must have a total minimum filtration of _____ mm of aluminum. 2.5
H and D curves are also known as Sensitiometric and characteristic
Pi lines run _____ to film travel and occur every ___ inches using __ in rollers Perpendicular, 3.14 inches, 1 inch
Average energy of a beam is ___ of its maximum power 1/3
What is the field size formula? D1/D2=F1/F2 or D1/F1=D2/F2
Changes in field size are directly proportional to changes in ____ ratio OID
Remnant radiation is also called ____ forming radiation image
Photoelectric effect occurs in ___ shell inner
Compton effect occurs in ____ shell outer
What is the top of an H and D curve called? Shoulder
To maintain density,For every 5 degrees of tube anguation, you should ____ 1 inch SID? subtract
X rays are emitted isotropically
The amount of darkening from the black metallic silver deposited on the film is called density
Primary exposure factor for regulating contrast kvp
When changing kvp, we will have an effect on density contrast and penetration
Image unsharpness and OID are ____ proportional directly
What is the proper order of steps for automatic processing of a film develop, fix, wash, dry
According to therionic emission, all____ bodies emit_____ hot, electrons
the steeper the anode bevel angle, the____ the focal spot size. smaller
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