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Resp 9-10 II

Side notes of oxygen therapy equipment

NON rebreather mask up to 70% 8 lpm or greater. The highest you can go without intubabting someone DOES NOT GO WITH HUMIDIFIER
Oxygen tent 12-15 lpm 40-50% FiO2
Factors that effect FIO2 by low flow device RR, peak insp flow, proper fit, flow going to device, size of reservoir mask
When to use CPAP patient has decrease FRC
factors determining perfromance on a O2 mask flow to mask, fit, size of reservoir
What would you use if you want 60% O2 partial rebreather
Device to add moisture humidifer
Device to particulate matter suspended in gas stream nebulizer
Highest O2? non rebreather mask
What would you use if you want 75% O2 Non rebreather (it's the highest) it goes 70% and greater
If the sheets are covering the air entrainment device what will O2 % do? O2 will increase
IF air is completely inspired on an Ttube flow when its on maximum what do you do? use 2 nebulizers in tandem
What's a baffle an impacting surface designed to break up large aerosol particles
What do you do to increase the humidity output of a large reservoir jet neb heat the nebulizer system
If anaylzer reads 21% when exposed to room air but only reads 64$ when exposed to 100% what do you do? change the battery
Function of a baffle in a nebulizer providing aerosol particles that are consistently small
How to calculate total flow TIC TAC TOE 100% Oxygen on left upper; 20% Air......Add 2 numbers together then x by lpm given
Oxyhood 7 or greater lpm
PRB and NRB adjust flow to where bag does not completely deflate
T-tube flowby adjust flow so you still see aerosol coming out
cannula 1-6 lpm
simple mask 5-10 lpm
Patient with tachypnea and COPD you want a FiO2 of 40%; what do you use venturi mask (because of the precise amount
Heated nebs are used to increase the H2O content of gas being delivered to airways
correct inspissated correction 100% humidity
Pulse oximeter measures saturation of 80% or greater
If pulse spirometer is troubleshooting what do you do match with HR
Created by: TnJFarrington12