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MC Pharm 2 Exam 2

with Fabick

Skin Viral infections treated with what? acyclovir (Zovirax)
Skin Parasites treated with what? scabicides
Lice is treated with what? pediculicides
What is the DOC for lice & scabies? permethrin (Nix)
What treatment do you leave on for 8-14 hrs & 8-12 hrs? Elimite lotion & lindane (Kwell) body lotion
What treatment do you leave on for 10 mins then rinse? lindane (Kwell) shampoo
What scabicide/pediculocide serious side effect is CNS? lindane (Kwell)
How often should you apply lice medications? reapply in 24 hrs if live lice & 7 days
What is used to treat minor skin pain? topical anesthetics like benzocaine (Solarcaine)
What drug has the adverse effect of methemaglobin if inhaled? Benzocaine (Solarcaine)
What topical anesthetic should you verify the preperation & dose before administration? lidocaine (Xylocaine)
What herbal is used to sooth mild skin irritation? Aloe Vera
What medications action includes ketolytic effect, decreases sebum production, & bacteriostatic? benzoyl peroxide
What drugs action is to slow or decrease skin replacement and sebum production by decreasing number of size of glands? isotretinoin (Accutane)
What drug is pregnancy category C? trentinoin (Retin A)
What drug is used for cystic acne & severe keratinization disorders? isotretinoin (Accutane)
How long can a patient be on isotretinoin (Accutane) 3 months & may need repeat therapy
What acne drug can cause liver damage? isotretinoin (Accutane)
What drug is pregnancy category X? isotretinoin (Accutane)
What herbal is used to detoxfy skin, fights bacteria, decreases inflammation, & also works as a laxative, diuretic, anti-infective? Burdock Root
What drug classes are used to treat dermatitis? glucocorticoids or antihistamines & analgesics
What herbal slows or decreases cell growth? coal tar preps
What topical classes are used to treat psoriasis? corticosteroids, immunomodulators, & coal tar prep
What systemic drugs are used to treat psoriasis? methotrexate, cyclosporin (Sandimmune), & others (Ramicade, Humara)
cin/mycin drugs antibiotics
undecylenic acid (Cruex, Desenex) antifungals
permethrin (Nix) scabicides/pediculicides
Elimite scabicides/pediculicides
prethrin (Rid) scabicides/pediculicides
malathion (Ovide) scabicides/pediculicides
lindane (Kwell) scabicides/pediculicides
caine topical anesthetics
benzoyl peroxide acne & related disorders
tretinoin (Retin A) acne & related disorders
isotretinoin (Accutane) acne & related disorders
What drug(s) has adverse effects: minor itching, stinging, irritation? permethrin (Nix), pyrethrin (Rid), & malathion (Ovide)
What drug(s) has adverse effects: local irritation on ingestion/inhaled, HA, N/V, & CNS: dizzy, tremors, convulsions, restless? lindane (Kwell)
What drug(s) has adverse effects: burning, redness, irritation? benzoyl peroxide
What drug(s) has adverse effects: dry mouth & nose, inflammation of the lips, bone & joint pain, & liver damage? isotretinoin (Accutane)
diphenhydramine HCL (Benadryl) 1st generation antihistamines & antitussive, marked sedation
What drugs major side effect is marked sedation & drowsiness? diphenhydramin HCL (Benadryl)
Classification whose side effects include: dizziness, fatigue, N/V, urinary retention, decreased coordination, drowsiness, and paradoxical nervous system excitability 1st generation antihistamines
3 Actions of H1 Receptor Antagonist 1. vasoconstriction of nasal mucosa 2. decrease in nasal itch 3. anticholinergic proprieties decrease secretions
Characteristics of this disorder includes sneezing, watery eyes, & nasal congestion Allergic Rhinitis
Which 1st generation antihistamine has the least amount of sedation out of all? brompheniramine (Dimetapp)
How often are 1st generation antihistamines given? Q4-6hrs
What nursing precaution for 1st generation antihistamines should the nurse make sure to teach report fever, eye pain, or blurred vision which can be acute glaucoma
cetirizine (Zyrtec) 2nd generation antihistamines
How often are 2nd generation antihistamines given? once daily
Which classification has the following side effects: N/V, stomach upset, fatigue, H/A, little drowsy 2nd generation antihistamines
The following action is what classification: blocks the effects of histamine to decrease the allergic responses 2nd generation antihistamines
2nd generation antihistamines work best if used when? 1 week prior to exposure to allergen
What are the intranasal glucocorticoid? fluticasone propionate (Flonase) mometasone furoate (Nasonex) triamcinolone acetonide (Nasocort AQ) *sone
intransal cromolyn (Nasalcrom) mast-cell stabilizers
The following action belongs to which classification: inhibits release of histamines from mast-cells mast-cell stabilizers
Which classification has the following action: stimulates the alpha-adrenergic receptors, vasoconstrction, decreasing secreations, sympathomimetic decongestants
Which classification has the following side effects: tremors, anxiety, tachycardia, HTN, arrhythmias, dryness & irritation of mucous membranes, increased blood glucose levels, possible rebound nasal congestion decongestants
What classification is used with caution in patients who have cardiac disease, diabetes, HTN, hyperthyroidism, pheochromocytoma, decongestants
St. John's Wort should be with cuation with what drug? decongestants
Rebound nasal congestions usually occurs after how many days of decongestant use? 5 or more days
oxymetazoline (Afrin) decongestants
What is the prototypical drug for decongestants? oxymetazoline (Afrin)
Which decongestant lasts 12 hrs? oxymetazoline (Afrin)
Which decongestant is given q4-6hrs? phenylephrine (Neo-Synephrine, Afrin)
Which decongestant can cause hemorrhagic strokes? phenylpropanalomine*
Which decongestant the only one that is a anticholinergic? ipratropioum (Atrovent)
What drug class acts on the medulla to suppress the cough reflex in colds or allergies? antitussive drugs
dextromethorphan (Benylin, Delsym) antitussive
codiene and hydrocodone (Hycodan) antitussive
benzonatate (Tessalon) antitussive, can cause drowsiness and dry mouth
Chloropheniramine maleate (Chlor-Trimeton) 1st generation antihistamines
bromphenitramine (Dimetapp) 1st generation antihistamines
Which drug is the source of really bad taste in cold medications? dextromethorphan
Which drug has the following side effects: N/V, blurred vision, dizziness, sedation dextromethorphan (Benylin)
When should a pt on antitussive report? with cough, infection, &/or fever lasting greater than 1 week
What classification has the following action: breaks up & thins mucus to easy cough expectorants (mucolytic)
guaifenesin (Resyl, Robitussin, Mucinex) expectorants
acetylcysteine (Mucomyst) expectorants, s/e- stomatitis, bronchospasm
Which expectorant can be used to aid in diagnosing? acetylcysteine (Mucomyst)
Which drug is also the antidote for acetaminophen (Tylenol) OD? acetylcysteine (Mucomyst)
What classification has the following side effects: fever, n/v, nose/throat irriation or congestion, stomatitis, bronchospasm Expectorant specifically acetylcysteine (Mucomyst)
Which classification smells like rotten eggs? expectorants
Which herbal helps stimulate secreations (expectorant) & is used for respiratory problems? horehound
moves air in & out ventilation
gas exchange in alveoli repiration
where gases are exchanged perfusion
What route is most common route for pulmonary drugs because of local effect, good blood flow, right to location, & rapid response? inhalation
vaporize drug to a mist & is often used with a machine & face mask nebulizer
round disk,more than 1 puff, 1-2 min apart dry powdered inhaler,
canister, exhale fully then inhale metered dose inhaler,
How much time in between 2 inhalation drugs? 5 mins
How much time in between puffs of same drug? 1-2 mins
Smoke, exercise, URI, seasonale allergies, foods, emotional stress, & animals are all what? triggers to asthma
Which respiratory drug class is the big bad boys? Xanthine derivities
alpha blood vessels
beta 1 heart
beta 2 lungs
epinephrine (AsthmaHaler, Adrenalin) non-selective adrenergic agonsit, inhaled and SQ...monitor for paradoxical bronchospasm (esp in resp. patients)
isoproterenol (Medihaler, Isuprel) non-selesctive beta adrenergic agonist
salmeterol (Serevent) beta 2 adrenergic agonist
albuterol (Proventil, Ventolin) beta 2 adrenergic agonist
metaproterenol (Alupent, Metaprel) beta 2 adrenergic agonist
terbutaline (Brethaire) beta 2 adrenergic agonist
pirbuterol acetate (Maxair) beta 2 adrenergic agonist
ipratropium bromide (Atrovent, Combivent) anticholinergics
tiotropium (Spiriva) anticholinergics
aminophylline (Tryphylline, Somophylline) xanthine derivities
theophylline (Theo-dur) xanthine derivities
caffeine xanthine derivities
cromolyn (Intal) mast cell stabilizers, onset of 4 wks for full effect, must be tapered off
nedocromil (Tilade) mast cell stabilizers
beclomethasone (Beclovent, Vanceril) corticosteroids, hyperglycemia, poor wound healing, take oral forms with food, must be tapered off slowly, rinse mouth and wash mouthpiece after use
triamcinolone (Azmacort) corticosteroids
Which drug inhibits histamine induced constriction of the airways & helps with bronchospasms & decreasing airway constriction by stimulating beta 2? epinephrine (Adrenalin)
What drug increases strength of heart contraction, relaxes bronchospasm, & bronchodilation? isuprotenenol (Isuprel)
Which drug causes saliva & sputum to turn pink? isuprotenenol (Isuprel)
Which drug relaxes bronchial smooth muscle & is short acting aka rescuer inhaler? albuterol (Proventin, Ventolin)
Which drug is used to help treat acute asthma attacks but also to stop premature labor? terbutalin (Brethin, Brethaire)
Which beta 2 receptor agent is actually a preventative and long acting drug unlike all the others? not used during acute attacks. salmeterol (Servent)
Oral beta 2 agonists are to do what? maintenance therapies & has more systemic effect
Beta 2 agonists are contraindicated with what? tachydysrhythmias or tachycardia with Dig Toxicity
What should a patient on beta 2 agonists report? chest pain & changes in heart rate & rhythm
Tremors is a side effect of what drug classification that can be toxic sign? beta 2 recentor agents
Which classification dilates bronchials & has few systemic effects? Anticholinergic
Which classification relaxes bronchial smooth muscles, stimulates cardiac muscle & stimulates CNS, & produces diuresis? xanthine or methyxanthines
Which drug class do you not change formulations? xanthine or methyxanthines
What is the therapeutic dose range for xanthine or methyxanthines drug therapy? 10-20
What is considered toxic level for xanthine or methyxanthines? >20
Hypotension, tremors, jitteryness, ventricular dysrhythmias, & A/N/V/D are what? toxicity side effects of xanthine or methyxanthines
Which respirtory drug do you limit caffeine intake? xanthine or methyxanthines
What drug increases the risk for Dig Toxicity? Theophylline
phenobarbital, phenytoin (Dilantin), rifampin, litiu, corticosteroids, & smoking do what? reduce theophyllin levels causing a need to increase dose
cimetidine (Tagamet), ranitidine (Zantac), allopurinol (Zyloprim), erythromycin, calcium blockers, beta blockers, oral contraceptives, Fluoroquinolone antibiotics do what? increase theophyllin levels causing a need to decrease dose
Which drug class is it very important to stop smoking? xanthine or methyxanthines
If your patient calls the office & states that he forgot to take his theophylline earlier & its almost time for his next dose what do you tell him? skip the dose because you do not want to double up doses
What drug needs to be given slowly with an IV infusion pump? xanthine or methyxanthines
Which drug class action is to be synergistic with beta 2 agonists like Albuterol to decrease inflammatory response? glucocorticoids
Which class has side effects including: hyperglycemia, poor wound healing, fat shifts, & dysphonia? glucocorticoids
Which 2 classifications need to be tapered slowly for respiratory? glucocorticoids & mast cell stabilizers
What important nursing intervention would you inform the patient to perform after use of an inhaler? rinse mouth & mouthpiece after each use
How long is the onset for mast cell stabilizers? 4 weeks
Which classification has the following action: inhibits histamines from being released mast cell stabilizers
Which respiratory drug is known for its really bad taste? mast cell stabilizers
zafirlukast (Accolate) leukotrine receptor antagonists (modifiers)
montelukast (Singulair) leukotrine receptor antagonists (modifiers)
zileuton (Zyflo) leukotrine receptor antagonists (modifiers)
Which classification blocks leukotrine receptors & amino acid "cystine"? leukotrine receptor antagonists (modifiers)
Which leukotrine receptor antagonists (modifiers) is given every 12 hrs? zafirlukast (Accolate)
Which leukotrine receptor antagonists (modifiers) is given 1-2x's per day? montelukast (Singulair)
Which leukotrine receptor antagonists (modifiers) is given every 6 hrs? zileuton (Zyflo)
Which leukotrine receptor antagonist acts more rapid than the others? zileuton (Zyflo)
Which 2 leukotrine receptor antagonists takes 1 week for therapeutic effect to occurs? zafirlukast (accolate) & montelukast (singulair)
somatropin (Genotropin, Humatrope) drugs for anterior pituitary drugs
octreotide acetate (Sandostatin) drugs for anterior pituitary drugs
bromocriptine mesylate (Parlodel) drugs for anterior pituitary drugs
What drug is given for long-term replacement of GH? somatropin (Genotropin, Humatrope)
What durg causes side effects of musculoskeletal pain, myalgia, & hypercalciuria? somatropin (Genotropin, Humatrope)
What drug is a GH inhibitor used in the treatment of acromegaly & giantism & severe diarrhea in AIDS? octreotide acetate (Sandostatin)
Which anterior pituitary drug has the side effect of GI bleeds? octreotide acetate (Sandostatin)
What drug is also a Parkison drug that increases dopamin levels which increases somatostatin thereby decreasing GH release? bromocriptine mesylate (Parlodel)
vasopressin (Pitressin) drugs for posterior pituitary drugs, causes vasoconstriction, treats symptoms of diabetes insipidus
lypressin (Diapid) drugs for posterior pituitary drugs
desmopressin (DDAVP, Stimate) drugs for posterior pituitary drugs
terlipressin (Glypressin) drugs for posterior pituitary drugs
oxytocin (Pitocin) drugs for posterior pituitary drugs
What drug class increases water reabsorption in the collecting ducts of the kidneys, increases GI motility, & causes vasoconstriction? posterior pituitary hormones
Which posterior pituitary hormone is used most often to treat the esophageal varices? terlipressin (Glypressin)
What drug do you shake well, warm injectable to body temperauter? vasopressin (Pitressin)
Which posterior pituitary drug also causes uterine contractions, assists in the involution of the uterus, & stimulates lactation? oxytocin (Pitocin)
Which thyroid hormone precursor to the other? T4 is precursor to T3
levothyroxine (Synthroid, Levothroid) hypothyroid drugs
desiccated thyroid (Armour Thyroid) hypothyroid drugs
liothyronine sodium (Cytomel, Triostat) hypothyroid drugs
liotrix (Euthroid, Thyrolar) hypothyroid drugs
propylthiouracil (PTU) hyperthyroid drugs, administer around the clock
methimazole (Tapazole) hyperthyroid drugs
iodine-131 hyperthyroid drugs, be careful up until 3 days after tx of saliva and urine b/c radiation. double flush toilet and cover it up
Lugol Solution hyperthyroid drugs
SSKI hyperthyroid drugs
iodine preperation hyperthyroid drugs
When is levothyroxine (Synthroid, Levothroid) given? 1 daily dose in the AM
How long do you need to be on thyroid medications if you are hypothyroidism? lifetime
Which endocrine drug do you not change brands? levothyroxine (Synthroid, Levothroid)
What important assessment should be preformed before administering levothyroxine (Synthroid, Levothroid) pulse rate...>100 is bad
What classification acts by increasing metabolic rate & is synthetic form of T4? hypothyroidism drugs
Which classification acts by decreasing thyroid hormone production & prepare for surgery? hyperthyroidism drugs
Which hyperthyroidism drug has more problems with blood dyscrasias than the others? methimazole (Tapazole)
When is hyperthyroidism drugs given? around the clock & possibly with meals to decrease GI distress
What 2 things must you use radiation precautions with following I-131 administration? saliva & urine
Which hyperthyroidism durg shuts down thyroid production? iodine preperations
What must you remember when administering iodine? like iron it stains the teeth
Which classification effects aldosterone, fluid & electrolyte balance, & BP? mineralcorticoids
Which classification affect carb, protein, & fat metabolism, antiinflammatory affects, inhibits immune system, maintains normal BP, & has effects with stress? glucocorticoids
Which class is a synthetic hormone replacement that is translated in the boyd to predisione? glucocorticoids
What class must have a dose increase during stress? glucocorticoids
What 2 things do you need to make sure you perform radiation precautions for after administration of I-131? saliva & urine
What precautions should you take with a patient who has just received I-131? radiation precautions like double flushing & covering toilet prior to flush
Which drug stains the teeth like iron? Iodine preperations
Which steroid's action is to maintain fluid & electrolyte balance, BP, & aldosterone? mineralcorticoids
Which steroid's action affect carb, protein, and fat metabolism along with antiinflammatory affects, inhibits the immune system, maintains normal BP, and is effected by stress? glucocorticoids
Which glucocorticoid is more potent? prednisone (Deltasone)
What classification has the action of synthetic hormone replacement that translated in the body as predisione? glucocorticoids
Which drug should you inform the patient that the side effects of fat store shifting, muscle wasting, delayed wound healing, atrophy, hiritism, edema, and more will go away over a short period of time after completion of this medication? glucocorticoids
When are steroids given? single dose in AM double dose 2/3 in AM & 1/3 early evening
Which drug classification is it important to monitor blood glucose because it increases it? glucocorticoids
Which drug classification is it important to weigh daily? glucocorticoids
Which drug classification is it important to avoid aspirin & OTC drugs? glucocorticoids
Why do you not stop steroids abruptly? because the adrenal glands can be at the beach leading to a crisis
Which classification decreases redness, swelling, & itching for eyes, ears, & skin? Topical glucocorticoids
fexofenadine (Allegra) 2nd generation antihistamines
loratadine (Claritin) 2nd generation antihistamines
phenylephrine (Neo-Synephrin, Afrin) decongestants
ipratropium (Atrovent) decongestants
pseudoephedrine (Chloritemeton, Drixora, Sudafed, ACtifed, Pediacare) decongestants
ephedrine decongestants
phenylpropanalomine decongestants
isoniazid (INH) anti tubercular drug, cidal/static, causes hepatotxicity, admin with meals or antacids, take all TB drugs at same time of day
Pyridoxine (Vit B6) for antiTB, avoid foods with tyramine, avoid aluminum antacids b/c decreases absorption
rifampin (Rifandin) antiTB, bacteriocidal, slow onset, causes hepatotoxicity, reddish/brown to all secretions, report A/N, jaundice or pale stools
ethambutol (Myambutol) antiTB, s/e- optic neuritis, color discimination probs, CI in kifs <7
paraminosalicylic (PAS) alternative for kids
pyrazinamide (PZA) tx TB, s/e- photosensitivity, arthritis
streptomycin only TB drug that does not effect liver
Goldseal herbal, for eczema, UTI, gastritis, colitis, and mucosal inflammation
permethrin (NIX) DOC for lice and scabies
Elimite tx mites, lotion, apply and leave on for 8-14 hrs
shampoo for lice 10 minutes then rinse...causes lice to have seizures/death of parasites
Benzocaine (Solarcaine) topical anesthetic, for temp relief of minor skin pain, A/E- methemaglobin (unable to release oxygen to tissues) in inhaled
lidocaine (Xylocaine) for V arrytmias, check prep and dose
aloe vera herbal to smooth skin from mild irritants
trentinoin (retin A) mild/moderate acne, pg cat C, tx wrinkles
isotretinoin (Accutane) for cystic acne and keritanization disorders, slows down skin replacement, causes liver damage and is Preg category X!
burdock root herbal for skin detoxification and many other uses, increased effect with licorice
psoriasis may require more than one agent to obtain relief
first generation antihistamines cause urinary retention, drowsiness, need to report blurred vision (could be acute glaucoma)
second generation antihistamines less drowsy than first gen, lesser anticholinergic, works best before exposed to allergenic
intranasal glucocorticoids avoid swallowing, can have systemic effects
decongestants (sympathomimetics) rebound nasal congestion if taken for >5 days, caution in cardiac, diabetic, HTN, hyperthyroidism, pheochromocytoma
respiration gas exchange in alveoli: 2 types- tissue and lungs
ventilation moves air in and out
perfusion where gases are exchanged
adrenergic agonists (sympathomimetics) DOC for acute bronchoconstriction
dexamethasone (decadron) corticosteroid, increases surfactant for fetus
hypothyroidism (myxedema) t4 is precursor to t3...both require low levels of iodine
addison's disease
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