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Midwest Environment


What are the 5 Great Lakes? Lake Huron, Lake Ontario, Lake Superior, Lake Michigan and Lake Erie
What is the land between the Applachian Mountains and the Rocky Mountains called? Interior Plains
What are the Central Plains? Low, gentle hills
What are the Great Plains? Dry grassland
What is the main crop of the Central Plains? Corn
What is the main crop of the Great Plains? Wheat
What is a flat area thickly covered with tall grasses and wildflowers? Prairie
What causes the summer to stay cooler and the winter warmer? Lake Effect
What is a period of little or no rain? Drought
What is a funnel of wind? Tornado
Where was the first indoor mall located? Edina, Minnesota
Where is the country's largest indoor mall? Minneapolis, Minnesota
Why were indoor mall built? Midwest climate
What is the largest iron ore range in the Midwest? Mesabi Range in MN
What is removing all the plants and soil away from an area to get at the ore in the ground called? Open-Pit Mining
What is the process of restoring the land to the way it was called? Reclamation
Name two major ports on the Great Lakes? Duluth, MN Gary, IN Chicago, IL Detroit, MI Superior, MN
Where is the country's tallest skyscraper located? Chicago, IL
What is the name of the country's largest skyscraper? Sears Tower
What is Poland's capital? Warsaw
How are Poland and the Midwest similar? They both have plains and farm.
What is the major waterway in Poland? Baltic Sea
Created by: jill.wehlander