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social studies 2/19

What is an amendment? A change
What does it mean to impeach? To formally accuse someone of a crime
What is a precedent? An act or decision that sets an example for others to follow
What is the electoral college? A group of electors from each state that meets every 4 years to officially elect a president
What is the cabinet? A group of department heads who serve as the President's chief advisers
What is a veto? A rejection
What is the job of the executive branch? To enforce laws
What is the job of the legislative branch? To make the laws
What is the job of the Judicial branch? To interpret the laws
What is justice? Fair treatment and rightness
What is checks and balances? A system so each branch has equal power
What does it mean if something is unconstitutional? It's against the constitution
What is a bill? A proposed law
What is the bill of rights? Amendments 1-10 in the US constitution
How does a bill become a law? 1. A bill is introduced in both houses of Congress 2. The committee votes on the bill 3. The bill is passed by a majority of members in both houses of Congress 4. If both houses pass the bill, it's sent to the President 5The president signs and passes
What are the requirements to be President? You have to be a natural born citizen, 35 years of age, and must have lived in the US for 14 years
What is the Whiskey Rebellion and why was it important? It was a tax on whiskey by the government and farmers refused, so Washington sent Militia men to show the point that he would not back own and that laws and taxes were important
What are the 5 rights of the 1st amendment? Freedom of... Religion Assembly Press Petition Speech