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Question for 9/10

Questions for 9th and 10th graders

What carbohydrate that is found in potatoes will turn blue/black in the presence of iodine? Starch
Which of Prince Charles' and Diana's children is first in the line of succession for the British Throne after his father? He is married to Kate Middleton. Prince William
What is the common name for the German mercenaries that fought for the British in the American Revolutionary War? The Hessians
What American author wrote "As I Lay Dying" and "The Sound and the Fury" William Faulkner
George Gallop started the British Institute of Public Opinion if 1936.This company, which is now named for him, still performs what services today? Polling
What organs have quit working in a person who has renal failure? These organs filter the blood removing materials that would become toxic. Kidneys
A pair of jeans cost $35. What is the total cost for these jeans if the state tax rate is 9%, the county tax rate is 6%, and the city tax rate is 5%? $42
What is a football referee calling when he places his palms together and raises them above his head? A Safety
Mary made an unnecessary and egregious foul in the basketball game. Spell egregious. E-G-R-E-G-I-O-U-S
What type of conjunctions are words like neither/nor? Correlative (Correlating)
What is the Value of X squared -X-6 divided by X+2? X-3
What two related presidents of the US were born in Quincy, Massachusetts? John Adams and John Quincy Adams
What condition do the drugs Propecia and Rogaine claim to reduce? Hair Loss
The California Perfume Company changed its name to what four letter name in 1939? This name partially came from the birthplace of William Shakespeare. Avon
The fuson of what element in the core of the sun produces the majority of its energy? Hydrogen
What do you call words like who, what, when, or where that are used when asking a question? An interrogative
Type of dark wood from South America. This wood starts with the letter M. Mahogany
Nationality of Alexander the Great. This nationality starts with the letter M. Macedonian
Device used to reduce the exhaust noise of cars. The device starts with the letter M. Muffler
American general known as old Blood and Guts. George S. Patton
US aircraft sunk at the Battle of Midway. Yorktown
Name the plane that dropped the first atomic bomb. Enola Gay
Who is the star and host of the television show "Man Versus Wild"? Bear Grylls (Edward Grylls)
Who is the actor who stared in the following three movies? Terminator Salvation, Batman Begins, and Public Enemies. Christian Bale
Who is the actor who stared in the following three movies?Eat Pray Love, Duplicity, and Mona Lisa Smile. Julia Roberts
Who is the actor who stared in the following three movies? The Dilemma, Fred Claus, and the Breakup. Vince Vaughn
Created by: boronnie0
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