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CEE 5900 Quiz 1

role of management to integrate resources and tasks to achieve organizational goals
five functions of a manager planning, organizing, leadership, control, change/organizational goals
classical management one best way to manage. a set of scientific management principles applied to all situations.
behavioral management emphasis shifted from jobs to the human and social aspects of organizations
systems approach faces up to complexity and differing causal relationships
five general criteria to help decide when to use project management 1. Magnitude of the effort 2. Unfamiliarity 3. Changing environment 4. Interrelatedness 5. Reputation of the organization
essential skills of a project manager conceptual skill, human skill, negotiating skills, technical skill
triple constraint cost/budget, performance/specification, time/schedule
Understand what "success" means. nothing else matters if a system is not productively employed. you have to ensure that a system meets with a clients needs before it is deemed a success
WBS a family tree subdivision of a project, beginning with the end objective and then subdividing these objectives into successively smaller work packages. an end item oriented family tree. a skeletal outline of program objectives.
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