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PSY 220 Ch 3

Problem Identification and Hypothesis Formation

A group of logically organized and deductively related laws. It can act as a goal or a tood in research. Theory
An electronic bibliographic database of abstracts and citations to the scholarly literature in psychology. PsycINFO
A software program that seeks out web pages stored on servers througout the world wide web. Search Engine
An interrogative sentence that states the relationship b/t two variables. (Must be a question) Research problem
The preciseness with which the research question is stated. Specificity of the research question is stated
The best prediction or a tentative solution to a problem. Hypothesis
The predicted relationship among the variables being investigated. Research hypothesis
A statement of no relationship among the variables being investigated. (Testing in statistical hypothesis testing) Null hypothesis
Where do we get ideas for psychological research? (4) Everyday life, practical issues, past research, theory
What kind of ideas cannot be subjected to scientific research? Ideas that are not researchable or can be confirmed or refuted. i.e. Abortion
What is the purpose of reviewing the literature prior to doing a study? It will tell you if the research has already been done; method ideas; point out limitations; need for special equipment; needed information
What is a research problem and how does this differ from a research hypothesis? Resarch problem is the question, the hypothesis is the probable answer.
Why must research problems be stated in very specific form? Problem should express relationship. Problem should be a question. Should be able to be empircialy tested.
What is the difference between a research and null hypothesis? Resarch hypothesis is tested and is expected to be true. Null hypothesis is tested and is expected to be false.
Why is the null hypothesis tested as opposed to the research hypothesis? Because it is more accurate to refute a null hypothesis because it states that there is NO relationship. If there is just a little then the research hypothesis can be further tested.
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