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Human Resource Manag

Human Resource Management Practice Exam 1

1. What were human resource managers called in the 1970’s and before? A. Personnel managers B. secretaries C. developmental managers D. clerks A
2. What does HR primarily deal with improving? A. The productivity of people B. The efficiency of people C. The effectiveness of people D. The preferences of people B
3. What is one of the certifications HR professionals can obtain? A. ULC B. BER C. PHR D. BAS C
4. What is a major organization associated with training and development functions? A. REME B. ASTD C. ALPH D. MBER B
5. Who provides some of the top certifications for HR professionals in the world? A. American Human Resource Certifiers B. General Permit Organization C. Human Resource Enforcement D. Human Resource Certification Institute D
6. What is the percentage of women in the workforce? A. 35-36% B. 47-48% C. 52-53% D. 60-61% B
7. Who has the primary responsibility for seeing the safety and security of the workforce? A. Staff management B. Line management C. Clerical workers D. technicians B
8. What HR specialty covers Affirmative Action plans and combats prejudice? A. EEOC and diversity management B. Safety and security C. Compensation and benefits D. Training and development A
9. In order to impress what major external business force requires organizations to continually improve their products to create value? A. Suppliers B. Labor Force C. Customers D. Competition C
10. In SWOT analysis, what does the “S” stand for? A. Strengths B. Security C. Strong D. Stray A
11. What is the third level of culture? A. Values and beliefs B. Assumptions C. Behavior D. Artifacts B
12. Founders of the organization and others who have made outstanding contributions to the company are considered to be a part of which artifact? A. Stories B. Symbols C. Slogans D. Heroes D
13. Partnerships with what major external business force affect firm performance? A. Competition B. Technology C. Economy D. Suppliers D
14. What 4 components are required when writing an objective? A. Singular, specific, trackable performance, realistic B. Scientific, singular, set target date, short C. Singular, measurable, set target date D. Specific, singular, measurable, achievabl C
15. What term is defined as “meeting the needs of today without sacrificing future generations’ ability to meet their needs?” A. Strategic planning B. Strategic resource allocation C. Societal obligations D. Sustainability D
16. What measurement tool is used when HRM wants to know the financial return of its investments in employee training and development? A. Balanced Scorecard B. Economic Value Added C. Return on Investment D. HR Scorecard C
17. 100 white m apps for the job-60 chosen-20 AA m apps for the job-10 were selected. Is there evidence for disparate impact against AA's based on the 4/5ths rule? A. Yes-the white male hiring rate was above the black male hiring rate B. No-the black m D
18. Which type of discrimination is generally considered unintentional? A. Disparate impact B. Disparate treatment C. Pattern discrimination D. Practice discrimination A
19. Which of the following is a fundamental duty of a position defined by the ADA? A. Functional obligation B. Mandatory task C. Required activity D. Essential job function D
20. Who is USERRA associated with? A. Immigrants B. Military members C. Gays and lesbians D. Executives B
21. If the employee, as a result of complaining to the employee’s supervisor over the promotion test, resigned because working conditions became intolerable, what type of discharge would this be called? A. retaliatory B. constructive C. at-will D. pro B
22. Which of the following would be an example of quid pro quo sexual harassment? A. Sue offers Betty a raise if Betty goes out with her. Betty objects B. Sarah and Mary kiss each other. Barb is offended by that act. C. Explicit pictures are posted o A
23. Who is involved with Executive Order 11246? A. Federal contractors receiving more than $10,000 per year B. Federal contactors receiving more than $50,000 per year C. Private employers with 15 or more employees D. Non-profit employers with 15 or mo A
24. If flight attendants must be of a certain height for a safe operation of an airplane, what discrimination defense is applied here? A. BFOQ B. Business necessity C. Obviousness D. Residual treatment B
25. What is a document that identifies the major tasks, duties, and responsibilities that are components of a job? A. Job specification B. Job evaluation C. Job analysis D. Job description D
25. What is a document that identifies the major tasks, duties, and responsibilities that are components of a job? A. Job specification B. Job evaluation C. Job analysis D. Job description C
27. Core hours are most associated with what concept? A. Compressed work weeks B. Flex time C. Job sharing D. telecommuting C
28. If we could look at ? A. Trend analysis B. Ratio analysis C. Regression analysis D. Factor analysis B
29. What term is associated with reserving office space for a particular time of the week? A. Moteling B. Hoteling C. Reserving D. Establishing A
30. At this web site, you can create individual, customized job descriptions that meet legal requirements. A. B. C. D. B
31. What is the technique behind natural attrition? A. Managers transfer workers to other plants B. Managers retrain workers from one job to another C. Managers allow positions to stay unfilled as turnover occurs D. Managers force workers to retire ea D
32. What is the exam students can take at the end of college to prove that they know human resources? a. Knowledge to Win b. Student HR Competency Exam c. HRCI d. Assurance of Learning C
33. How much would that exam cost in the previous question for students who are SHRM members? a. $50 b. $100 c. $135 d. $200 D
34. How many years of exempt HR experience are required to qualify for the PHR exam? a. 1 b. 2 c. 3 d. 4 C
35. How many exams does it take to achieve Certified Compensation Professional status? a. 1 b. 2 c. 3 d. 9 B
36. In the SPHR exam, questions like? a. Multiple choice questions involving a scenario b. Essay questions a case study c. Multiple choice questions asking direct questions about definitions d. Multiple choice questions asking direct about laws D
37. What is the first step in starting a business? a. Write a mission statement b. Write a vision statement c. Establish SWOT analysis for your business d. Develop specific tactics A
38. If a mission statement focuses on doing the right thing but only within what the organization normally does, what level of ethics is involved? a. Fundamentalism b. Moral agency c. Social contact d. Virtual organization A
39. In SWOT analysis, what does the “W” stand for? a. Wishes b. Waste c. Weaknesses d. Watershed Moment B
40. What is an example a. We plan on spreading to in five years b. The HR department will train sales reps to complete the AcuCharge System by July c. The purpose of the company is to create mobile d. Customer service C
41. There is typically one HR person for every one hundred employees based on surveys. What activity was just done? a. Centering b. Base analysis c. Benchmarking d. Delphi method C
42. What generation is most associated with teamwork? a. Depression-era b. Baby boomers c. Generation x d. Generation y C
43. What health insurance programs have doctors band together to provide health services at a discount at multiple locations? a. PPO b. HMO c. UND d. SCO B
44. Which of the following application form questions would be legal for a company in Boise with 100 employees? a. Have you ever had cancer? b. Are you gay or lesbian? c. Are you pregnant? d. Can you lift a 50 pound weight? A
45. Which of the following application form questions would be legal for a company in Boise with 100 employees? a. What is your maiden name? b. Have you ever been a member of a union? c. Do you have a gambling problem? d. How old are you? B
46. Which of the following application form questions would be legal for a company in Boise with 100 employees? a. Do you have relatives who work at this company? b. How were you discharged from the military? c. Are you willing to take a polygraph test C
47. For what size company does the Age Discrimination in Employment Act apply? a. 5 b. 15 c. 20 d. 50 D
48. What are the chemicals that can cause damage to the fetus? a. Teratogens b. Exitoxidozers c. Fetalculus d. Thalomide polymers C
49. Executive orders tend to apply to what organizations? a. Private sector companies with 15 or more employees b. Private sector companies with 50 or more employees c. Government contractors d. State and local governments A
50. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 applies to how many employees in the State of Idaho? a. 5 b. 10 c. 15 d. 20 C
51. According to McDonnell Douglas vs. Green, who has the third (last) burden of proof in a discrimination case? a. Judge b. Jury c. Defendant d. Plaintiff A
52. According to McDonnell Douglas vs. Green, which of the following is a business necessity? a. Actors must be male to get the part b. Bathroom attendants must be female to get the job c. Flight attendants must be below a certain height to get the job D
53. On Federal exams, what kind of norming is legal? a. Race b. Veterans c. Gender d. Age C
54. What is the opposite of reasonable accommodation? a. Elastic reversal b. Low interest c. Undue hardship d. Even handedness B
55. Which of the following is a task? a. Turn the knob 270 degrees to the right, then 36 degrees to the left b. Install furniture c. Education required: High school graduate or equivalent d. Supervisor: Evita Offerman C
56. There are 3 cashiers, 2 janitors, 5 sales clerks, and 1 general manager in the store. In other words, what is there? a. 4 positions b. 4 tasks c. 11 jobs d. 4 jobs B
57. Who developed O*NET? a. Department of Labor b. National Bureau of Statistics c. Civil Service Commission d. State Employment Agencies D
58. What did O*NET replace? a. Standard Occupational Classification b. Military Industrial Classification c. Dictionary of Occupational Titles d. Midwest Industrial Management Association Titles A
59. What are crosswalks? a. Links to various job description websites b. Comparisons to various pay surveys c. The number of tasks in common across jobs d. The number of tasks in common across positions C
60. Which of the following is a job specification? a. Job title: Animal Trainer b. Approved By: Jay Gleeson c. Maintains clean office d. Ability to type 50 words per minute A
61. What is an example of an elastic clause? a. Arrive early b. Perform other tasks as required c. Ability to work under pressure d. Job Title: Contract Engineer D
62. If there is a problem in a business, what is often the best solution? a. Get commitment from the CEO b. Train employees to fix the problem c. Hide the problem d. Hire an outside consultant B
63. How often should job descriptions typically be updated? a. Every year or as needed b. Every two years or as needed c. Every five years or as needed d. Every ten years or as needed A
Created by: tcmomof3
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