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Rooting automatically turn towards subject and make sucking motion; look for food
Palmer grasp automatically grab your hand
Stepping if you stand them up they try to step
Infants state of arousal degree of wakefulness
Regular sleep non REM- almost motionless- heart rate slows
Irregular sleep REM sleep- heart and brain same as awake
1st way baby’s communicate Crying
Newborns sense of taste and smell Sweet tastes, quickly like new tastes, odor preferences, locate odor and can smell mom from birth
Newborn hearing Hear variety of sounds, complex over tones, sensitive to voices and biologically prepared for their own language
Visual activity fitness of discrimination is limited
Vision Least developed sense at birth; visual structure in eyes and brain not fully developed
New family adjectives Hormones, oxygen, prolactin, estrogen, hormone release and effects may depend on experience
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