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KINE 250

Cal Poly

Ken believes meeting all the members of his new parish will take some time but it will help him learn how to serve them better. This is an example of Eustress
David woke up in the middle of the night because he smelled something burning. This most likely caused The Fight of Flight Response
Amy knows what to expect this semester, has refined her time management skills, and has learned how to manage her responses to stressors. She doesn't have any worries. Amy is in a state of Homeostasis
Hearing unknown footsteps following you late at night on campus would likely trigger the __________ phase of GAS. Alarm
The primary hormone responsible for physiological and stress responses such as increased heart rate is epinephrine
Which of the following hormones might be involved in the "Freshman 15" >gaining 15 (or more) pounds in the first year of college? Cortisol
Exercise reduces stress by increasing endorphins and reducing stress chemicals called cortisols.
Downshifting refers to the process of taking a step back and simplifying one's life
The process of replacing negative thoughts with positive ones is referred to as Cognitive restructuring. (NOT Thought shifting)
When Joe prepares to spar an opponent in Tae Kwon Do, his heart rate and respiration rate increase. These are indicators that his ________ nervous system has been activated. Sympathetic
The stress hormone cortisol has a major role during the stress response in the following. Mobilizing Nutrients in the blood (Not increasing heart rate)
Which of the following best describes a Type C personality? Cancer-prone
This/these characteristic(s) of a Type A personality have been determined to be the most detrimental to health: Angry and Hostile (Not competitive)
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