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Equipment Operation and Quality Control

True or False? The effective of projected focal spot is always smaller than the actual focal spot. True pg. 296
What functions to protect the patient from overexposure and the x-ray tube from overload? back up timer pg. 298
What describes the chemical ionization effects of an electric current? electrolysis pg. 298
What type of relationship do kV and HVL have? direct relationship pg. 300
True or False? The step down transformer is located in the filament circuit and serves to regulate the voltage and current provided to heat the x-ray tube filament. True pg. 300
Decreasing SID increases? or decreases? the intensity of the x-ray photons at the image intensifiers input phosphor? increases pg. 300
What are the three types of beam restrictors? aperature diaphragms, cones and cylinders, collimators pg. 302
Electrons are focused carefully to maintain image resolution by what device? electrostatic focusing lenses pg. 303
A charged coupling device converts visible light to an electrical charge that is sent to what for processing? analog to digital converter pg. 303
PBL must be accurate to what percent of the SID? 2% pg. 305
Reproducibility specifies that radiation output must be consistent to within what percent? +/- 5% pg. 310
What are the two main parts of an induction motor? stator and rotor pg. 311
What functions to direct the liberated filament electrons to the focal spot? Molybdenum focusing cup pg. 312
Which type of mobile x-ray unit is capable of storing a large milliampere seconds capacity for extended periods of time? battery powered pg. 312
True or False With 3 phase, 12 pulse equipment, the voltage never drops to 0. True pg. 313
What device is used to protect the circuit elements from overload by opening the circuit in the event of a power surge? fuse pg. 314
With single phase equipment, the number of heat units produced during a single exposure is determined using what equation? mA x time x kV pg. 315
Three phase, twelve pulse equipment has what percent voltage ripple? 3.5% pg. 315
The glass envelope and oil coolant provide what type of filtration? inherent pg. 316
What is used to test timer accuracy on three phase equipment? oscilloscope or synchronous spinning top pg. 317
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