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Nail Tips & Wraps


acrylonitrile butadiene styrene Also known as ABS; a common thermoplastic used to make light, rigid, molded nail tips.
cyanoacrylate A specialized acrylic monomer that has excellent adhesion to the natural nail plate and polymerizes in seconds
fabric wrap Nail wrap made of silk, linen, or fiberglass
fiberglass wrap very thin synthetic mesh with a loose weave. Easy for adhesive to penetrate
linen wraps made from a closely woven, heavy material.
maintenance term used for when a nail enhancement needs to be serviced after two or more weeks from the initial application of the nail enhancement product
nail dehydrator Substance used to remove surface moisture and tiny amounts of oil left on the natural nail plate, both of which can block adhesion.
nail tip adhesive the bonding agent used to secure the nail tip to the natural nail
nail tips plastic, pre-molded nails shaped from a tough polymer made from ABS plastic.
nail wrap a method of securing a layer of fabric or paper on and around the nail tip to ensure its strength and durability
nail wrap resin used to coat and secure fabric wraps to the natural nail and nail tip
overlay A layer of any kind of nail enhancement product that is applied over the natural nail or nail and tip application for added strength
paper wraps temporary nail wraps made of very thin paper
position stop the point where the free edge of the natural nail meets the tip
repair patch Piece of fabric cut to completely cover a crack or break in the nail during a 4-week fabric wrap maintenance procedure.
silk wraps made from a thin natural material with a tight weave that becomes transparent when wrap resin is applied
stress strip Strip of fabric 1/8 inch long, applied during a 4-week fabric wrap rebalance to repair or strengthen a weak point.
tip cutter Implement similar to a nail clipper, designed especially for use on a nail tips.
wrap resin accelerator also known as activator; acts as the dryer that speeds up the hardening process of the wrap resin or adhesive overlay
Created by: samkohlenberg
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