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UV Gels


cure to harden
hard UV gels also known as traditional UV gels; gels that cannot be removed with a solvent and must be filed off the natural nail
inhibition layer the tacky surface left on the natural nail after a UV gel has cured
oligomer short chain of monomer liquids that is often thick, sticky, and gel-like and that is not long enough to be considered a polymer
one-color method when one color of gel, usually clear, is applied over the entire surface of the nail
opacity the amount of colored pigment concentration in a gel, making it more or less difficult to see through
photoinitiator a chemical that initiates the polymerization reaction
pigmented UV gels any building or self-leveling gel that includes color pigment
soft UV gels also known as soakable gels; these gels are removed by soaking in acetone
two-color method a method whereby two colors of resin are used to overlay the nail
unit wattage the measure of how much electricity the lamp consumes
urethane acrylate a main ingredient used to create UV gel enhancements
urethane methacrylate a main ingredient used to create UV gel enhancements
UV bonding gels gels used to increase adhesion to the natural nail plate
UV building gels any thick viscosity adhesive resin that is used to build an arch and curve to the fingernail
UV gel type of nail enhancement product that hardens when exposed to a UV light
UV gel polish a very thin-viscosity UV gel that is usually pigmented and packaged in a pot or a polish bottle and used as an alternative to traditional nail lacquers
UV gloss gel also known as sealing gel, finishing gel, or shine gel; these gels are used over the finished UV gel application to create a high shine
UV lamp also known as UV light bulb; special bulb that emits UV light to cure UV gel nail enhancements
UV light unit also known as UV light; specialized electronic device that powers and controls UV lamps to cure UV gel nail enhancements
UV self-leveling gels gels that are thinner in consistency that building gels, allowing them to settle and level during application
Created by: samkohlenberg
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