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VocUnit 12-021013

Vocabulary Unit 12-021013

appreciable (adj.)sufficient to be noticed or measured
autocratic (adj.) Having absolute power; ruling without limits; domineering; dictatorial.
blanch (v.) to remove the color from; to make or turn pale; to parboil
blasphemy (v.) an act or statement that shows disrespect or irreverence toward something considered sacred; an expression of disrespect for something sacred (religion, God etc.)
brawny (adj.) strong or muscular; lots of muscle.
concerted (adj.) planned or performed in cooperation with others
contend (v.) to struggle through great difficulty; to measure oneself against others;to fight, struggle; to compete; to argue
humane (adj.) kind, merciful, understanding.
illustrious (adj.) very famous, distinguished
intolerable (adj.) Unbearable; beyond what is accepted
irreverent (adj.) disrespectful; Showing lack of respect; mocking
laborious (adj.) not easy, requiring hard work; hardworking
lithe (adj.) bending easily; limber
maltreat (v.) to abuse, use roughly or cruelly
ponder (v.) to consider carefully, reflect on
subversive (adj.) Intended to undermine or overthrow; (n.) one who advocates or attempts to undermine a political system
synthetic (adj.) made or put together by people or artificial (n.) Not created naturally, artificial.
temperate (adj.) mild, moderate (as in weather)
venomous (adj.) poisonous; spiteful, mean
wily (adj.) sly, shrewd, cunning
Created by: crawfka