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RAD 112

Abdomen Anatomy

What 2 muscles are commonly seen on an abdominal radiograph? Diaphragm/Psoas Muscles
What Quadrant is the stomach mostly found? LUQ (Left Upper Quadrant)
What are the subdivisions of the stomach? Fundus, Body or Corpus, Pylorus
Prefix for stomach... Gastro-
2 openings to the stomach? Cardiac orifice Pyloric orifice
2 structures of the stomach Rugae Gastric canal
How long is the Small Intestine? 15-18 feet long
where does the Small Intestine extend from? Pyloric orifice to ileocecal valve
3 parts of the small intestine Duodenum Jejunum Ileum
Where does the Duodenum begin Duodenal cap
What is the shortest part of the Small intestine? Duodenum approx 10' long
What is another name for the Duodenum? C-Loop
Where does the Duodenum End? The angle of Treitz
What makes up 2/5th of the small intestine? Jejunum
What is the longest part of the small intestine? Ileum
What are the sausage like sections of the large intestine called? Haustra
List parts of the Large Intestine. Ileocecal valve Cecum Ascending colon Right Colic flexure Transverse colon Left Colic flexure Descending colon sigmoid colon rectum anus
What is the sharp bend between the ascending and transverse colon? Right Colic (hepatic) Flexure
What is the sharp bend between the transverse colon and the descending colon? Left Colic (hepatic) Flexure
Where can the appendix be found? RLQ, Part of the cecum
Where can the Pancreas be found? Posterior to the Stomach
List the parts of the Pancreas Head Body Tail
What body system does the Spleen belong to? Lymphatic system
What two functions does the Pancreas have? Exocrine Endocrine
What Quadrant would the liver be mainly located in? RUQ
What are the structures of the Liver? Left Lobe Right Lobe
What divides the left and right lobes of the Liver? Falciform ligament
Which organ can perform over 3000 chemical reactions? Liver
What quadrant would the spleen most likely be found? LUQ
What are the function of the Urinary system? Eliminate waste Regulate water
What is the double abdominal membrane called Peritoneam
What covers the walls of the abdominal cavity? Parietal peritoneum
What covers the abdominal organs? Visceral peritoneum
What is the space between the Parietal and visceral peritoneum called Peritoneal cavity
What 2 double fold membranes help support the Visceral peritoneum? Mesentery Omentum
What are Retro-peritoneal structures? Kidneys Ureters Adrenal glands Pancreas Duodenum Ascending colon Descending colon Rectum
What does Retro-peritoneal mean? Behind Peritoneal cavity
What does Infraperitoneal mean? Under peritoneal cavity..(Pelvic)
What are Infraperitoneal organs? Lower rectum Urinary bladder reproductive organs
Where is the xiphoid tip found? T10
Where is the Inferior costal margin found? L3
Where is the Iliac Crest found? L4/L5 interspace
ASIS is found S1
Where is the Greater Trochanter of the Femur found? 1-1/2 inches above Symphysis Pubis
Symphysis Pubis is found 4-4 1/2 inches below ASIS
Ischial Tuberosity 1-1 1/2 inches below Symphysis Pubis
How many Cervical vertebra are found in the vertebra column? 7
How many Thoracic vertebra are found in the vertebra column? 12
How many Lumbar vertebra are found in the vertebra column? 5
How many Sacrum vertebra are found in the vertebra column? 5 FUsed
How many Coccyx vertebra are found in the vertebra column? 3-5 fused
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