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3.00 Definitions

3.00 Rule and Regs.: Definitions

3.01 Absence or taridness with out proper notification and permission shall be considered w/o leave... Abscence with out leave (AW).Could result in loss of comp. during absence and may be grounds for displine. action. up to and incliding indefinate suspension.
3.02 Serving as Temp. in a position to which a member is not ordinary assigned, usually higher rank. Acting
3.03 The right of memebr under the law to apply for review form any order,dissmissal or suspension by Fire Chief. Appeal
3.05 The unbroken line of authority extending from Chief of dept. to subordinate at ea. level of command down to level of execution. Chain of Command
3.06 The Chief Executive of the Fire Dept. Chief of the Fire Dept. or Fire Chief
3.08 Duties, which require that a member be excused from the performance of reg.duties to perform other city realated duties. City Business
3.09 THe physical area inside the corporate city limits. For FD purposes the shall include any area protected by HFD. City Limits
3.12 All positions and their classifications, which are covered under chapter 143 of teh TX Local Gov.Code. Classifed Positions
3.13 An officer assigned to exercise command. Commanding Officer
3.14 A unit composed of an officer, who may be a sr.capt. or capt.an E/O and as many FF as may be deemed necessary. Company
3.15 For FD purposes, the area outside any incorporated limits. County
3.16 Any violation or Rules/ Regs., guidelines,or by request of any member causing a reduction in the classification of an employee. Demotion
3.17The Fire Dept. of COH Department
3.19 The act of terminating the service of a member. Dismissal
3.20 A designated area of Emer. Op. under direct supervision of DC composed of stations and companies. District
3.21 Fire Stations in which DC are locted. District Stations
3.22 Work period composed of two tours of duty during an eight day cycle (Emerg. Operations) Duty Shift
3.23 A level of knowledfge that is broad and not specific or detailed General Knowledge
3.24 Obedience to the orders of a supervisor in rank must faithfully observe, and any member offending in this regard shall be condsidered insubordinate and held strictly accountable. General Orders
3.25 The term...means "as soon as possible and practible" Immediately
3.26 Exceeding reasonable or appropriate language. Immoderate Language
3.27 Incapable of the satisfactory performance of duties. Incompetance
3.28 The regular or periodic exam of personnel and station as to appearance, uniform,equip., duties,and operations. Inspection
3.29 The failure of deliberate refusalof any member to obey any lawful order given by any superior officer shall be deemed... Insubordination
3.30 The period of time starting date form the date the oath of office was last administered.The lenghth of time that a member engaged in actual perfomance of duty. Pervious service may be added. Lenghth of Service
3.31 May and should: Where is used its intended that, while the guideline is not manditory, it should be followed in the intrest of dept. "may" is permissive. "Should" is advisory.
3.32 A collective term applied toa ll persons on the dept. payroll Members
3.33 Faliure to give proper attention to the performance of duty. Neglect of Duty
3.34 A consecutively numbered, written directive that will be change or alter, amend or clarify,FD Guidelines, and for permaned nature.They shall be kept in perm. file. Numbered Bulletin
3.35 A consecutivley numbered, written directive that will be used permantly change, alrer or amend FD Rules/Regs. They shall be kept in perm file. Numbered Order
3.36 A consecutivley numbered, written directive that will perm change, alter or amend or clarify FD Guidelines.purpose inform safety health issues or concerns Numbered Safety and Health Bulletin
3.37 A written,numbered directive that will cover a specific instance wehre guidlines will be changed, alter, amended for specific period of time. They may be disgarded when time terminates. Numbered Special Bulletin
3.38 A consecutivley numbered,written directive that will change,alter, amend or clariy HFD guide. Address issues that arise regard special training needs. Kept in perm file. Numbered Training Bulletin - they will not address scheduled training or solicit volunteers for training programs.
3.39 the state a member during their days off or on authorized leave when they are free of responsibility of performing usual duties. Off Duty, techincally a member is subject to call at all times.
3.40 A member is on during a period of time of active engagement in the performance of duties. On Duty
3.41 An instruction or directive,written or oral issued by superior officer to subordinate or group of subordinates in the course of duty. Order
3.42 For the FD purposes the area outside any incorporated limits not protected by HFD Outside City Limits (OCL)
3.43 A fixed point or location to which a memeber is assigned for duty. Post
3.44 A grade of officeal standing . Each class of memebers of the dept. is... Rank
3.45 The officer having the highest rank in grade, unless otherwise designated. Ranking Officer
3.46 Action taken in denying a memeber the privilege of performing their duties in consequence of deceliction of duty, breech of disipline, misconduct, or violation of guidelines Relieved of Duty - Relieve of duty may be with pay (RD) or with out pay (AW)
3.47 member voluntarily terminating service with dept. A__must be accepted by Fire Chief to be effective. Resignation - Non-classified employees will be considered as having resigned positionwith dept.when absent 3 consective workdays w/o good cause or proper notification.
3.48 shall indicate that action is mandatory The words "shall" and "will" as used here-in
3.49 A group of workers on duty at the same tim e or the working period of such a group. Shift
3.50 ANy memerb havvin supervisory responsibilites, either temp or perm over members of lower rank Superior Officer
3.51 Shall always be contrued as Captain in-charge of fire station. Station Captain
3.52 Words used in teh present tense shall include the future. Tense
3.53 Through the hands of each immediate officer. Through Offical Channels
3.54 The two 24hr.periods during 72-consecutive-hour spanin whicha memeber's shift is on duty. Tour of Duty
3.55 Wearing apparel of members issued, prescibed or as the Fire Chief may dictate. Uniform
3.56 A level of comprehension above that of general knowledge. Working Knowledge
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