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Standard Units

Unit terms used in radiology

Physics Branch of science dealing with matter and energy & their relation to each other.
Radiologic Physics Physics pertaining to origin, nature & behavior of X-rays
Science Systematic classification of facts
Scientific Method Clarification of facts, study of their relationship & drawing of valid conclusion
Laws Based on human experience, watching natural phenomena
Theory Unified concepts of laws underlying certain natural phenomena.
Units Quantity adoped as standard of measurement
Fundamental units Mass, Length, Time (MALT)
Metric system Used internationally; replaces SI system
Meter Originally defined as distance between 2 scratches on bar of platinum
One Angstrom equals 1/100 million
One Inch equals 2.54 cm
Mass Quantity of matter in a body
Weighing Force with which the earth attracts the body at some given location
Kilogram Weight of standard peice of platinum-iridium
Time Measure of duration of events.
Second Standard unit of time, defined as 1/86,400 of a mean solar day
Area Measure of a given surface
Volume Measure of capacity of a container.
Density Mass per unit volume of a substance
Specific Gravity Has no units; is ratio of any material to density of water.
Velocity Speed in given direction.
Temperature Measure of average energy of motion of molecules of matter.
Celsius Freezing Point Zero
Celsius Boiling Point 100
Fahrenheit Freezing Point 32
Fahrenheit Boiling Point 212
C to F Formula 9/5 (C) + 32
F to C Formula 5/9 (F - 32)
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