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ISS 315 Value Orientation Method

Why be concerned about Cultural Diversity? The United States is projected to have a significant change in ethnicity in the next 40 years
Who developed the Values Orientation Method? Kluckhohn and Strodtbeck
What sort of view does the Values Orientation Method express? Western-Eurocentric view of cultural differences
What are the principal values across all cultures? Human Nature, Man-Nature Relationship, Time Sense, Activity, Social Relations
Why care about the Values Orientation? Improves understanding of cultural differences and interaction and reduces judgmental behavior. It can also provide a foundation for better understanding and tolerance of others.
What is the purpose of cultural values? To "filter" the large amount of information and to restrict inappropriate. Also to "filter" inconsistent information that contradicts collective cultural concept.
What is the purpose of cultural norms? To maintain appropriate behaviors that further the survival of group or society.
What is cultural centricity? Think your culture values are the best!
How are values passed on? Parenting, Social/Family Groups, Religion, and Media
What is the basic nature of people? (Human Nature) (List the 3 things in the Western-Eurocentric view) Evil, Mixed, Good
Evil (Human Nature) Can't trust people. People are bad and need to be controlled.
Mixed (Human Nature) Good and evil people in the world. Need to check them out to find out which they are.
Good (Human Nature) Most people are good at heart. Born good.
What is the appropriate relationship to nature? (Man-Nature Relationship) (List the 3 things in the Western-Eurocentric view) Subordinate to Nature, Harmony with Nature, Dominant over Nature.
Subordinate to Nature (Man-Nature Relationship) People can't change nature. Life is determined by external forces like fate and genetics. What happens was meant to happen.
Harmony with Nature (Man-Nature Relationship) Man should, in every way, live in harmony with nature. Steward of nature
Dominant over Nature (Man-Nature Relationship) It's a great human challenge to conquer and control nature. Everything from air conditioning to the "green revolution" has resulted from having met this challenge.
How should we best think about time? (Time Sense) (List the 3 things in the Western-Eurocentric view) Past, Present, Future
Being (Time Sense) It's enough just to be. It's not necessary to accomplish great things. Your life is worthwhile.
Becoming (Time Sense) The main purpose for being placed on this earth is for one's own inner development.
Doing (Time Sense) If people work hard and apply themselves fully, their efforts will be rewarded.
What is the best form of social organization? (Social Relations) (List the 3 things in the Western-Eurocentric view) Hierarchical, Collateral, Individual
Hierarchical (Social Relations) There is a natural order to relations, some people are born to lead, others are followers. Decisions should be made by those in charge.
Collateral (Social Relations) The best way to be organized is as a group, where everyone shares in the decision process. It's important not to make decisions alone.
Individual (Social Relations) All people should have equal rights, and each should have complete control over one's own destiny. When we have to make decision as a group it should be "one person one vote."
What are cultural values of Euro-American culture? future oriented, doing, individualism, dominate nature, human nature is mixed
What are cultural values of Native cultures? past oriented, being, collateral, harmony with nature, people are good
Are value orientations in a culture uniform? No. Value Orientations are NOT UNIFORM. They can vary among sub-groups (regional, familial) or among individuals depending on the situation. Value Orientations can also be temporary.
Should you classify people with these the Value Orientation Methods? No. At best, social rules are a reflection of natural interactions between people. At worst, social rules are a confining structure that inhibits naturalness, and creates conflict.
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