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9.00 Dept. Vehicles

Department Vehicles

9.01 Operation of Dept. Vehicles: All members must have a valid TXDL , before they allowed to drive any apparatus on emerg. Response. Valid TXDL must be… Class A or B (exempted with a current CDL supplement form) or its equivalent, if the vehicle member will operate is over GVWR 26,000 lbs.
9.01 When shall commanding officers shall visually check the TXDL of each member under their command? Every 6 months. Any member has their license revoked or suspended shall immediately notify their superior officer.
9.01 Members (drivers and passengers) must wear seatbelt at all times vehicle is in motion, provided seatbelts are available. Drivers while operating a city vehicle will not… Wear radio, stereo, or other device utilizing earphones. Exception: HFD Radio headsets installed and approved by Radio Shop.
9.01 Rules shall not relieve the driver, or the officer in charge, from the duty to drive with respect of safety of all persons. Such provisions shall not protect the driver and officer in charge from the consequences or reckless disregared of safety. Notify Fire Chief of any traffic citation Admin. PRocedure 2-2.
9.02 Disabled Vehicles: Any member operating a dept. vehicle that becomes disabled will... Notify OEC and remain with vehicle until it's removed by dept. wrecker.
9.03 Use of Spotters: HFD vehicles WILL NOT be backed up w/o aid of spotter utilized radio, whenever available.When not available.. Driver prior to backing up, shall visually check the area behind the vehicle at assure proper clearance. Rule applies to all ranks.
9.04 Failure to Report Impairments: Drivers shall reprot to their immidate supervisor any physical conditions like... Sick, eyesight, upset ect. that might impair their driving of vhicle, either temporarly or permanently.
Created by: MrsAbbt
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