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8.00 Regulations

Regulations during Emerg.Incidents

8.01 Emergency Response: When making an emerg. Response, no company will stop to perform non-response-related actions…like… Picking up relief crew, dropping off food and supplies, ect.
8.02 Re-Call to Duty: All off-duty members are subject to recall in the event of major fires, storms, ect. Members failing to respond to recall w/o valid excuse will be subject to strict disciplinary action. How shall members report for re-call? Shall report to their regularly assigned location, unless ordered otherwise by superior officer. Members failing to arrive w/o valid excuse will be subject to disciplinary action.
8.04 Relieving at a Fire Scene: Memebrs shall not leave the fireground, with or w/o proper relief, prior to the fire being signaled out unless the IC grants permission. How does the IC prepare for relief after 0630? 8.03 Relieving at a Fire Scene: Memebrs shall not leave the fireground, with or w/o proper relief, prior to the fire being signaled out unless the IC grants permission. How does the IC prepare for relief after 0630?
8.04What if all apparatus is committed? D. IC will consider to call for an extra engine at 0630 to be used in relief. E. Under NO circumstances will an EMS unit be used for relief, it is a TDHS violation.
8.03 Duty Assignment: Shall not leave duty assignment (quarters, fire ground, dispatch console,fire watch detail, fire investigation) except when? Authorized by superior officer.
8.05 Fire Investigations: commanding officer shall permit overhaul to begin only after a cause has been determined and structural stability has been assured. Where there is suspicion, when shall overhaul be permitted? Until the arson investigator releases the property. Where evidence of arson is found or suspected, the IC shall allow nothing to be disturbed, except absolutely necessary to extinguish fire.
8.05 How and when does an IC request for Arson investigator? IC shall immediately contact OEC, request arson, and state whether it’s an emerg. Arson Investigator will not run with lights and siren unless it is an emergency
8.06 Leaving the scene of a suspected arson fire: IC will remain on fireground until Arson investigator arrives. If conditions permit, commanding officer will return "in-service" status and remain available...if called what does IC do? A member shall be left in charge of fireground to prevent the disturbance of conditions and deny entry to unauthroized personnel, and shall refrain from discussion of fire except to authorized personnel.
Created by: MrsAbbt
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