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Study guide questions

If you want medication to hit large airways, how do you breath? normal
If you want medication to hit small airways how do you breath? inhale slow and deep and large hold
Advantage of MDI portable, comact, easy to use, cost effective
Disadvantage of MDI Proper coordination, limited # of drugs availabe, propellent is damaging to atmosphere, Confused and young patients can't use
Hazards of MDI increase HR (tremors) and if not used correctly can shoot into back of oropharynx
Advantages of using chamber or spacer reduce oropharyngeal deposition, reduce need for hand breath coordination, and on chamber you can breath in and out
Why do you rinse mouth after DPI and MDI thrush
For maximal deposition take a slow deep breath, inhale through open mouth, end inspiration, pause, and follow with a slow, complete exhalation
Goals for aerosol therapy and humidity therapy Bronchial hygiene (hydrate dried secretions, promote cough, restore mucous blanket Humidity inspired gas Induce sputum Deliver prescribed medication
Sidestream nebulizer delivers smaller, lgither droplets (2-4 microns) for medium to smaller larger airways
mainstream nebulizer delivers larger heavier droplets (5-10 microns) for upper and larger airways
Created by: TnJFarrington12