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RADT456: Pat. Care

ARRT registry review

How is blood pressure recorded? systolic/diastolic
Normal blood pressure rate? 120-140/80-90
Define hypertension? systolic is constantly over 140 and diastolic is constantly over 90
What does HIPAA stand for __? Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
Define orthostatic hypotension? Is when you sit or stand up to quickly
Imaging the wrong patient is an example of __? Negligence
What instruments are used to measure blood pressure? sphygmomanometer and stethoscope
What height should the IV bag be at compared to the level of vein? 18-24 in. above
What is the difference between medical asepsis and surgical asepsis? medical:destruction of bacteria through disinfection surgical:removal of bacteria and reproductive cells through sterilization
What is the best percaution against disease? False: it is capable
Define tort? A private/civil injustice
What is the most common healthcare aquired infection? Urinary Tract Infection
What are the three forms of transmission of microorganisms? Airborne, droplet, contact
What degree is a needle inserted into a vein? 15 degrees
What is the most frequently used oxygen supplying device? Nasal canula
True or False: Axillary temperature runs .5-1.0 degree higher than oral? False: .5-1.0 degree lower
What is the difference between slander and libel? slander:is spoken defanation libel:written defanation
As the gauge goes up what does the diameter of the bore do on a needle? Becomes smaller
What is the best defense against spreading disease? Handwashing
Examples of: Postitive (radiopaque) and Negative (radiolucent) contrast agents? +:barium sulfate and iodinated -:air and other gases
Created by: ertempel