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RADT456: Pat. Care

ARRT registery review

When a patient with one strong side and one weak side is being assisted onto an x-ray table, the radiographer should? Position the stronger side closer to the table
Honor Code violations that can prevent a radiography student from meeting ARRT certification requirments include? Being suspended from the radiography program and being dismissd/expelled from a radiography program
For medicolegal reasons, radiographic images are required to include all the following info except? The patient's birth date
A radiographer who discloses confidential patient info to unauthorized individuals can be found guilty of invasion of privacy
An iatrogenic infection is one caused by? physician intervention
The higher the gauge number of an IV needle the smaller is its diameter
Demonstration of which anatomic structures requires ingestion of barium sulfate suspension? Pylorus
Which drug is used to treat dysrhythmias? Lidocaine
Examples of COPD include? Bronchitis, pulmonary emphysema, and asthma
Accidental injecton of medication or contrast medium into tissues around a vein is termed? extravasation
What can be transmitted via infected blood? AIDS
The mechanical device used to correct an infectual cardiac rhythm is a? defibrillator
The legal doctrine respondeat superior means what? Let the master answer
Conditions in which there is a lack of normal bone calcification include? rickets and osteomalacia
A cathartic is used to? stimualate defecation
What is the needle angle usually recommended for intramuscular injections? 90 degrees
What type of precautions prevent the spread of infectious agents in droplet forwm? Airborn precautions
The Heimlich maneuver is used if a patient is? choking
The most effective method of sterilization is? pasteurization
An inanimate object that has been in contact with an infectious microorganism is termed? fomite
Created by: amschuetter