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RADT 456 Pat. Care

ARRT reg review

T or F? A patient arrives for emergent treatment alone and is unconscious, implied consent is assumed? True pg 3
State the common two forms of ID? Name and DOB, and by checking their wristband pg 23
A thorough explanation of the procedure will help ______ anxiety and give better results. Reduce pg 23
T of F? You should use elaborate medical terminology when speaking to patients about their medical procedure? False- You should use simple, clear, and direct communication when speaking to patients about their exams. pg 23
T of F? When lifting an object, bend your knees and use your back muscles. False- Use your abdominal muscles instead. pg 26
Systolic pressure is the ______ and is the _____ number, where diastole pressure is ______ and the ______ number contraction, top, relaxation, bottom pg 26
T or F? Patients should never be left unattended in the radiology department? True pg 29
A patient falls while getting off their cart. The patient and radiographer are both ok. Should an incident report be filled out? Yes pg 29
What is the most important component of medical asepsis? Proper hand hygiene pg 39
T or F? Medical asepsis refers to the destruction of all microorganisms and their spores through disinfectants? False- refers to destruction of bacteria through use of disinfectants. pg 39
Surgical asepsis refers to the destruction of all microorganisms through ______? Sterilization pg 39
Gloves must be worn whenever there is a possibility of touching blood, body fluids and when _______? handling equipment that is contaminated with blood or body fluids pg 39
T or F? The N95 mask is a one size fits all mask? False- needs to be fit regularly pg 41
Droplet precaution patients can transmit the disease via large droplets expelled from patient while ______,_______,and________? Speaking, coughing, and sneezing pg 41
HAIs stands for? Health care-acquired infections pg 44
The most common HAIs is...? UTI pg 44
T of F? Since there is no evidence of HIV or AIDS on a patient, it is ok to relax and not obey the standard precautions False- You should always practice the standard precautions pg 44
Name the 5 most easily palpated pulse points. radial, carotid, temporal, femoral, and popliteal pg 59
What should be done when a patient is scheduled for multiple exams? The exams should be scheduled in order to allow adequate visualization of the structures that are of interest. pg 65
Viscosity, toxicity, and miscibility are what for iodinated contrast? They are qualities that contributes to the risk of iodinated contrast
Created by: krpitylak