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Radt 456 Pt. Care

ARRT Registery Review Covering Patient Care

What ASRT document defines the radiographers role? Practice of Standards
The authority to impose professional sanction on a radiographer falls to which organization? ARRT
Which legislation guarantees patient confidentiality? HIPAA
A patient who performs an exam on a patient without their consent can be found guilty of? Battery
Laws that are enacted by congressional, state, or local legislative bodies are called? Statutory laws
A patient with pale, cool, clammy skin is? Diaphoretic
Which demographic has a normal resting pulse rate of 70 - 100 bpm? Children
What 3 things affect blood pressure? 1. Cardiac Output 2. Blood Volume 3. Vascular Resistance
List the 5 comomon pulse points. 1. Radial 2. Carotid 3. Temporal 4. Femoral 5. Popliteal
The normal adult body body temperature is 98.6. Is the body temperature taken axillary higher or lower? By how much? Lower by .5 - 1 degree
Hypertension is when a patients blood pressure is? Consistently over 140/90
Before entering an isolation room with a mobile x-ray unit, a radiographer must do what? Put on gloves, a gown, and a mask
What type of precautions do TB and Varicella require? Airborne
Sterile technique is used for what kind of techniques? Intravascular and Intrathecal
What is the purpose of antisepsis? retards the growth of pathogenic microorganisms.
Urine, feces, blood, respiratory droplets, and contaminated solutions are all _____? Portals of Exit
In case of a contrast media extravasation, what should be done? Apply a cold pack to affected area and apply pressure to injection site.
A patient has pale, cool skin is referred to as? Diaphoretic
In order to avoid residual contrast medium overlying areas of interest for later examinations, these procedures should be done in which order? UGI, IVP, BE 1. IVP 2. BE 3. UGI
What are the 2 methods of administration? Oral - PO Parenteral - Topical, Subcutaneous, Intradermal, Intramuscular, Intravenous, Intrathecal
A decrease in blood pressure that occurs when you sit up too fast. Orthostatic or Postural Hypotension
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