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Basic psychology morris

episodic memories memories of events
semantic memories memories of facts or concepts
procedural memory motor skills
emotional memory learned emotional responses
implicit memory we know things, but the knowlege is unconscious
explicit memory we know things and know that we know them
primacy effect the fact that early information about someone wweghs more heavily than later info in influencing one's impression
STM is stored? prefrontal cortex and temporal lob
LTM is stored? in both subcortical and cortical structures
Interference Learning one thing can interfere with learning another
retroactive interference new information interferes with information in LTM
proactive interference info already in LTM interferes with new learning
context dependent remembering in the same context
state-dependent remembering while in the same emotional state
chunking grouping itmes into meaningful units
working memory same as STM
encoding how information is stored
how is long term memory encoded by meaning
hos is stm encoded phonetically
herman ebbinghaus 19th century psychologist interested in studying memory
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