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positioning UGI

About how long is the alimentary canal? 30 feet
What are the components of the alimentary canal? mouth, pharynx, stomach, intestine, esophagus, colon, and anus
The expanded portion of the terminal esophagus is called Cardiac antrum
The stomach wall is composed of how many layers? 4 fibrous,muscular, mucosous and submucous
The act of swallowing is termed deglutition
The muscular opening between the stomach and the duodenum is termed pyloric sphincter
For which body habitus is the stomach almost horizontal hypersthenic
for which body habitus is the stomach almost vertical asthenic
What are the functions of the stomach storage of food and the chemical breakdown of food
What is the widest part of the small bowel duodenum
The most distal portion of the small intestine is what ileum
The small intestine is attached to the posterior wall of the abdomen by what mesentary
The esophagus is located how to the larynx posterior
The opening that joins the stomach and the esophagus is the esophagogastric junction
what term describes the lateral border of the stomach greater curvature
What is the term for the longitudinal mucosal folds found within the stomach rugae
toward which aspects of the stomach will barium graviate with the patient in the prone postion body and ptlorus
How long does it take barium to go through the alimentary canal and reach the anus 24 hours
The names of contrast medium used for examinations of the gastrointestinal tract Air, barium sulfate, water soluble iodine and gastrograffin
what is the most commonly used contrast medium for an exam of the gastrointestinal tract barium sulfate
once food enters the stomach and is mixed with gastric secretion it is called chyme
What is the recommended oblique projection and position for best demonstration of the esophagus PA, RAO
what is the respritation phase for all radiographic exposures of the stomach and intestines expiration
What is the degree of the body rotation for the PA oblique projection of the esophagus 35-40 degrees
What is the recommended general body position for a radiographic series of the esophagus recumbant
Advantages of using the recumbant postion for the radiographs of the esophagus varices are better filled and more complete filling of the esophagus
What is a common passageway of both food and air pharynx
What is the cartilage that prevents food from entering the pharynx epiglottis
What is the essential projection for the stomach and duodenum PA, PA Oblique, AP, AP Oblique, Lateral
In a PA oblique projection of the stomach and duodenum what plane is centered to the grid sagittal
During an AP or PA Oblique projection of the stomach and duodenum what level is the IR centered to the body of the stomach at L1/L2
What is the average body rotation for an AP Oblique projection of the stomach and duodenum 45 degrees
What projection of the stomach best demonstrates a diaphrogomatic henination Ap projection
In an AP projection of the stomach what projection will best demonstrate the rectrogastic portion of the duodenuma dn jejunum Supine and Trendelenburgs
What opening joins the small intestine and the stomach pyloric orfices
In a PA projection of the stomach what does it best demonstrate the stomach contour and the duodenal bulb
What are the main subdivisions of the stomach cardia, fundus, body, pyloric portion
What body habitus is at 10%, 5%, 50%, and 35% Asthenic, Hypersthenic, Sthenic, and Hyposthenic
What is the sequence of an esophogram for an esophageal varices exhale fully, swallow barium, aviod inspiration
During all exams of the esophagus the top of the IR is postioned where At the level of the mouth for inclusions of entire esophagus
Which plane is centered to the midline of the table for a lateral esophagus midcoronal
High postion of the stomach is in which body habitus hypersthenic
What is the patient prep for a stomach exam No food or fluid after midnight
Food and fluid are withheld for how many hours before a stomach exam 8 hours
Routinely used method of examining the stomach single and double contrast
Advantages for using the double contrast for stomach exams Small lesions are not obscured and mucosal lining of the stomach can be more clearly visualized
Stomach with duodenal bulb at the level of L1/L2 would be found in what type of patient sthenic
A PA projection of the stomach and duodenum can be preformed uing a 14x17 or 10x12. Which plane is centered to the grid for the projection sagittal plane passing halfway between the vertebral column and the midcoronal plane
Which level is the IR centered for a projection of the stomach and duodenum on a patient that has a sthenic body habitus L1
Body rotated for the PA oblique projection(RAO position) of the stomach and duodenum is 40-70 degrees
The greatest degree of rotation would be used for what body habitus hypersthenic
What projection and position will best demonstrate the duodenal bulb and loop in profile PA Oblique, RAO
What projection of the stomach would a positioning sponge be used in AP Oblique LPO
What is the degree of body rotation of an AP oblique stomach 30-60 degrees
What projection of the stomach demonstartes the anterior and posterior surface lateral
what plane is positioned to the center of he grid for a lateral projection of the stomach and duodenum Coronal plane 1.5 inches anterior to the midcoronal plane
A patient comes to radiology for an UGI series. the patient has a clinical history of hiatal hernia. what position will best demonstarte this AP trendelengburg
What best describes the relationship between the esophagus and the trachea Esophagus is posterior to the trachea
What postition best demontrates the esophageal varices recumbent
The folds of the thich inner lining of the stomach are called rugae
The esophagus joins the stomach through what opening cardiac orifice
What is the % of population witha sthenic and hypersthenic body habitus 85%
What is the middle part of the small intestine called jejunum
What is the shortest part of the small intestine called duodenum
What is the longest part of the small intestine called ileum
What are contraction waves called peristalsis
What is the largest gland in the body liver
What is the name of the vessels that supply blood to the liver portal vien and hepatic artery
What is the function of the gallbladder store and concentration of bile
What is the function of the exocrine cells of the pancrease produces and secretes digestive juices
How do you record fluroscopic exams Tv, cinema, video recorder
What is the drugs that relax the GI tract before a double contrats study glucagon
Common bile duct and pancreatic duct unit to form what Hepatopancreatic papilla
OPening inside the duodenum where the pancreatic enzymes and bile enters is called greater duodenal papilla
the duodenum joins the jejunum at the sharp curve called duodenojejunal flexure
what is the functions of the spleen produce lymphocytes and store and remove dead or dying blood cells
what is the specific radiographic exam of the billary duct termed cholangiography
What ate the accessory organs liver pancrease, gallbladder and salivary glands
In what two regions of the abdomen is the liver in right hyperchondrium and epigastic
In what quadraunt is the spleen in left uppper quad.
What position best enhances peristalic motion of barium through the stomach RAO
What is the length of the average adult intestine 22 feet
The walls of the small intestine is composed of how many layers 4
How many distinct portions is the small intestine divided into 3
What the names of the salivary glands partiod, sublingual and submandibular(submaxillary)
what is the function of the small bowel digestion and absorption of food
the dilated portion of the esophagus is the cardiac antrun
What part of the stomach is attached to the duodenum pylorus
What part of the pancrease is adjacent to the c-loop of the duodenum the head
What division of the duodenum contains the duodenal bulb or cap first(superior)
What negative contrast medium is used during a UGI series sodium bicarbonate
What should you do before the use of barium sulfate Stur it well
What chemical indication would mandate the use of an oral, water soluble contrast agent possible bowel perforation
Where is the tube positioned during fluroscopy under the table
What are the cardinal rules distance, shielding,time
What is the most efffective cardinal rule to reduce patient dose distance
What condition involves dilated veins in the distal aspect of the esophagus which may lead to internal bleeding esophageal varices
Enlarged recess or out pouching in the proximal esophagus is Zenkers diverticulum
a mass of undigested material bezoar
inflammation of the stomach gastritis
give example of GERD esophageal reflux
what is the most common diagnostic procedure to diagnosis gerd endoscopy
what is a potntial risk associated with the use of water soluble contrast agents in geratic patiens dehydration
Patient prep for UGI series NPO 8 hours before the procedure
what is the kV range used for an UGI series using barium sulfate 100-110
Centering of the CR for an esophagram should be to the level of T5-T6
How much obliquity is required for the RAO position for the esophagus 35-40 degrees
What esophagram projection /positions will project the majority of the esophagus over the spine AP
What UGI projection/position will best demonstrate barium in the body and pylorus PA
What UGI projection/position will best demonstrate the pylorus and duodenal bulb in profile with double contrast study LPO
At what level would the IR and CR be centered for the RAO position(PA project)UGI on a sthenic body type patient L1/L2
A radiograph taken during an UGI series demonstrates poor visibility of gastric mucosa. 80kV, 30mAs, 1/40sec exposure time, high speed IR, barium sulfate used. What factors need to be mortified during the repeat exam Increase kV decrease mAs as needed
Patient history indicates a tumor posterior to stomach what projection/position will best demonstrate this Right lateral
The funds is filled with barium and the duodenal bulb is in profile and air filled. If the patient was in the recumbent position the whole time what projectin needs to be repeated AP LPO
During an UGI series the "Lucent-halo" signs appear in the duodenum. What does this mean in the radiograph An ulcer appears
The salivary gland that is located near the angle of the mandible is Submaxillary
What instructions should be given to the patient after an UGI exam Drink plenty of water take a mild laxative
The mucosa of the small intestine contains a series of finger like projections called Villi
What body position demonstrates the duodenal loop filled with barium contrast he best Recumbent right lateral
What is the curvature called for the right(medial) borders the stomach Lesser
What is the superior part of the stomach called Fundus
What is the inferior part of the stomach called Pylorus
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