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Ch 4 Bushong

EM Energy

An xray photon is a quantum of EM energy. It has both electric and magnetic properties
A quantum is a small bundle of energy traveling thru space at the speed of light
The velocity of EM radiation is 3x10(8)m/s or 186000 miles per sec
Amplitude 1 half the range from crest to valley over which the sine wave varies
Freq and wavelength wavelength and freq are inversely propotional
Frequency and unit (f) the number of wavelengths passing a point of observation per second. Hz
Wavelength unit and formula Represnted by lambda. W=v/f or c/f
EM wave eqaution F=c(v)/lambda...same for velocity and wavelength
Photon energy and frequency Photon energy and frequency is directly proportional
What 3 things on the EM spectrum have the ability to penetrate matter Cosmic, Gamma, Xray
Visible light and prism when it passes through a prism, white light is refracted into its component colors. These colors have wavelengths from 400-700
Smallest segment of the EM spectrum visible light
Way to remember EM spectrum in order from highest frequest and lowest wavelength to vv Colons get xrayed under very intense radiation
UV light located between visible light and ionizing radiation. Its molecular interaction can cause sunburn
Infrared light Located b/t visible and microwave. Heats any substance it shines on. Is considered radiant heat
Radiowaves, wavelength and energy Radio waves cover a large portion of the EM spectrum. They have long wave lengths and low energy. All radiowaves are identical in frequency
Types of radiowaves Am radio wavelengths are about 100m. Very short RF wavelengths and microwave radiation
Ionizing radiation 3 IR is known by the energy contained in a photon. an xray photon contains more energy than RF or visible photons. The freq is higher and the wavelengths are much shorter
The only difference between xray and gamma their origin. xrays are produced outside the nucleus, gamma rays are produced inside the nucleus of radioactive atoms
Wave particle duality Visible light acts more like a wave, xray as a particle. Photons interact with matter most easily when the matter is the same size as the photons wavelength
Radiation attenuation The reduction in intensity resulting from scattering and absorption
Light attenuation Light is reflected, absorbed, or attenuated depending on the composition of the surface on which its incident
Another word for not absorbing light at all Transmission or transparent
Another word for partially absorbing light Attenuated or translucent
Another word for completely absorbing light absorption or opaque
Attenuation of xrays and the 2 terms Structures that attenuate xrays are described as radiolucent (soft tissue) or radiopaque (bone) depending on the relative degree of xray transmission or absorption
Particle Model:Quantum Theory The xray photon is a discrete bundle of energy. The energy of a photon is directly porpotional to its frequency
Planck's Quantum Equation E=hf. E energy, h plancks constant. can all be switched or. E=hc/lambda
EM Radiation visualized as all EM radiation can be visualized as 2 perpendicular sine waves traveling in a straight line at the speed of light. 1 sine waves is an electric field, the other magnetic field
Law of conservation of energy states that energy cannot be created nor destroyed
According to quantum physics: (and 1 ex) Matter can be transformed into energy and vice versa. Pair production is an ex of tranforming energy into mass
Einsteins theory of relativity E=mc2. E is energy in J. m is mass in kg. and c is velocity of light in m/s
Mass and Energy They are 2 forms of the same medium
Plancks number constant 6.63 x 10-34 m2kg/s
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