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Upper GI


What is the approx length of the alimentary canal? 30 ft
What makes up the alimentary canal? esophagus, stomach, small and large intestine
What are the four layers of the alimentary canal? fibrous, muscular, submucosal, mucosal
What is the expanded portion of the terminal esophagus called? cardiac antrum
What is the moscle controlling the opening of the stomach and deuodenm? Pyloric sphincter
How long does it take barium to go through the alimentary canal? 24 hrs
What are the different types of contrast used? air, barium sulfate, gastrografin
Which body habitus has a horizontal stomach? hypersthenic
Which bobdy habitus has a vertical stomach? Asthenic
Which body habitus comprises 50% of the population? Sthenic
Which body habitus comprises 35% of the population? Hyposthenic
What are the functions of the stomach? stores food breakdown of food
What is the prep for a patient with an AM exam time? NPO after midnight
What is the prep for a patient with a PM exam time? NPO 8 hrs
What are the routienly used methods for a stomach exam? single - contrast, double contrast
What are the portions of the small intestine? Duodenum, jejunum, ileum
What order does food flow through the small intestine? Duodenum, jejunum, ileum
What are the physical characteristics of the deuodenum? short, and wide / 8-10" long
What projection and body position shows the bulb and loop in profile? PA Oblique, RAO
What is the term for the contraction waves that is produced by the intestine during digestion? peristalsis
What is the largest gland in the body? liver
What are the functions of the gallbladder? Store and secrete bile
What are the functions of the exocrine cells of pancreas? secretes and produces pancreatic juice
What is the most common contrast medium? barium sulfate
What is used to record fluoro images? Tv, video reorder
What respiration phase is used for upper GI studies? suspended expiration
What is the advantage of the double contrast study? Small lesions are less easlity obsured and mucosal lining clearly visualized
Common bile duct and pancreatic duct unite to form? Hepatopancreatic ampulla
What attaches the small intestine? mesentery
What opening inside the deuodenum where the pancreatic enzymes and bile enter? major duodenal papilla
What drug is used to relax the GI tract before double contrast study? glucagon or other anticholinergic meds
What body position is recommended for an oblique view of the esophagus? RAO
What body rotation is used for an oblique view of the esophagus? 35-40 deg
What general body position is used for esophagus exam? prone/recumbent
What are the advantages of using a recumbent body position for an esophagus exam? shows variceal distentions of esophageal veins because varices are best filled by flow against gravity
What are the essential projections for the esophagus? AP/PA, AP/PA Oblique, Lateral
In the lateral which plane is centered to the IR? Midcoronal
What is the sequence for an esophogram for esophageal varices? Exhale, swallow barium, aviod inspiration
All esophagus projections, the top of the IR is positioned where? At the level of the mouth
The esophagus is posterior to _____. trachea
How much lower is the IR for an upright view of the stomach? 3-6" lower
Which projection requires a positioning sponge? AP Oblique
Projection that best demostrates the fundus? AP Oblique LPO
Projection that best demostrates anterior and posterior surfaces? Lateral
Projection that best demostrates diaphrogmatic herniation? AP Trendelenburg
AP which positions will best dempstrate the retrogastic portion of the duodenum and jejunum? supine and trendenburg
Folds in the stomach are called? Rugae
What opening joins the stomach and esophagus? Cardiac orfice
What opening joins the small intestine and stomach? pyloric orifice
PA projection of the stomach best demonstrates_____________ Barium-filled stomach duodenal bulb
The stomach joins the esophagus at which junction? Esophagogastric junction
What are the main subdivions of the stomach? Cardia, fundus, body, pyloric portion
What is the lateral border of the stomach called? greater curveature
Where will barium gravitate to in the prone position? body and pylours
For a PA projection of the stomach and duodenum a 10 x 12 cassette is centered to what plane? Sagittal
For a PA projection of the stomach and duodenum centered to what level? L1 - L2
For a PA projection of the stomach and duodenum a 14 x 17 cassette is centered to what plane? sagittal
For a PA oblique projection of the stomach and duodenum what is the body rotation? 40-70 deg
Which body habitus requires the most rotation? hyperstentic
For the stomach and duodenum the AP oblique avg body rotation is? 45 deg
For the stomach the AP oblique what is the range of body rotation ? 30 - 60 deg
The duodenum joins the jejunum at a sharp curve called? duodebijejunal flexure
What is the functions of the spleen? produces lymphocytes and stores and removes dead or dying blood cells
Specific radiographic exam of billiary ducts is termed _____ ? Cholegraphy
What are the accescory glands of digestion? Salivary glands, liver, gallbladder, pancreas
What is another word for swallowing? Deglutition
Common passageway for both food and air? Pharnyx
When food enters the stomach and combines with gastric secretions its known as_______. Chyme
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