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7.00 Restrictions

Restrictions on Behavior / Conduct

7.01 Truthfullness: Members required to speak the truth at all times…when? Under oath or not, in giving testimony, or in connection with any legal official order, or in connection with official duties.
7.01 If a member makes false reports concerning personal character or conduct of any member or regarding any city business, to the discredit or detriment of dept. or any member thereof will…. Be subject to strict disciplinary action. Members making false statements in any official communication or conversation with another member or citizen.
7.02 Neglect of Duty: Insolence, indifference, and evading duty at an incident is forbidden. Any member found guilty of this offense will be…. Immediately relieved from duty.
7.03 Immoderate Language: Members, while in uniform or on duty may not… Use obscene immoral, profane, or offensive language.
7.04 Physical Altercations: Members, while in uniform or on duty, shall not… Engage in any type of fighting. Physical altercations are to be avoided at all times.
7.05 Firearms in Fire Dept. Building: Members shall not have, cause, or allow any type of firearms to be brought into any dept. building or station. What are the Exceptions? All arson investigators and certified peace officers (in full uniform/ acting in the official capacity for the commissioning agency) as defined in Tx Code of Criminal Procedures Article 2.12
7.05 All off duty members who are certified peace officers, (except arson investigators) or who hold a concealed handgun permit shall… Secure their weapon in their vehical prior to entering any fire dept. building.
7.06 Smoking: Smoking is prohibited in all city buildings. Smoking is permitted at emerg. Incidents only in areas what areas? Designated by the IC, at no time will smoking be allowed at or near scenes under investigation.
7.07 Intoxication and Self-Induced Disability: Intoxication on –duty or loitering where intoxicants are sold while in uniform is prohibited. Drinking or possession of intoxicants while on duty is prohibited and offenders are subject to strict disciplinary action. No alcoholic beverage container will be allowed in dept. vehicle or premises.
7.08 Drug Usage: Mayors Executive Oder 1-12 , revised Oct.27, 1993 and any subsequent revisions of the same; members shall not use or posses any illegal drug or controlled substance, on or off duty, except… As prescribed by and under the supervision of a licensed doctor or dentist. The use or possession of illegal drug or activity involving drugs on or off duty strictly prohibited.
7.08 The use of non-prescribed narcotics is prohibited. Members shall not allow narcotics or illegal drugs of any kind to brought into or kept on… Fire Department Property.
7.09 Gambling: Members shall not engage in any wagering of money or anything of value while… On duty or in uniform.
7.10 Theft: No members shall take or remove anything from a building or premises involved by fire unless authorized to do so NO member shall take or remove anything for other dept. use from COH owned station building shop car ect.
7.11 Removal of Records: Members shall not remove or allow removal of official records, reports, or journals (electronic or otherwise) from dept. premises w/o permission from… Fire Chief . The removal of any official record from station must be noted in the station log. Removal of official records from the premises of any other dept. must be noted and kept by appropriate custodian of such records.
7.12 Accepting Payment or Gifts: Members shall not demand nor receive from any person, any pay, gift or reward for services rendered. What mayor exect. Order? Mayor Exec. Order 1-28 Admin. Procedure Regard gifts and any subsequent revisions.
7.13 Solicitation: The following rules will apply to solicitations on department property. A. Members shall not imply they are member of or rep to sell tickets, raffles, benefit or similar projects w/o written permission from… Fire Chief
7.13 B. Members shall not allow solicitaions by indiviuals or organizations on property w/o writte permission of Fire Chief
7.13 C. While on duty, memebers shall not solicit any member to join or support... Political Party, charity, club or association.
7.14 Political Activity: The following rules apply...A. members shall not activly participate on behalf of themselves, any candidate, or issue... While on duty or in uniform.
7.14 B. Members shall not engage in political activities concerning dept. guidelines or working conditions... while on duty or in uniform.
7.14 C. Members shall not solicit petitions for themselves or other members for... for their promotions, change of duty or promote any political influence to affect such and end.
7.14 D. In compliance w/ Mayor Personnel Policy No.110.00 and Section 14-156 code of ordinances, members seeking office(fed.state,dist.or city) are required to... Make their candidacey known in wrting to the Director of Personnel, who will determine wheather a conflict of intrest exists with FD member.
7.14 E. No members shall place political posters, stickers or other similar political advertising promoting a candidate on... Any dept. vehical, building structure or equip.No member shall park or place upon any property of COH or any portiable sign, ad trailer.
7.14 F. While on duty or in uniform, memeber can not take active part in polictical campaign.what is an active part? 1.Makes a politcal speech, 2.Distrbutes pol. lit., 3.Writes letter, 4.Signs petition, 5.Actively and openly solitics votes, 6. Makes derogatory remark about candidate.
7.15 Media Interviews: No member shall express opinion or make public statement on offical position or guideline of HFD except? Fire Chief.
7.15 No memebers except who can make a factual information, give an interview relating to fire,, or other emerg. w/o needing clearence from PIO, IC, or Arson Investigator? IC, OEC, Arson Investigator or PIO (Public Info. Office)
7.15 Information released concerning fires or incidents under investigation shall be limited to the following: Information that may be released: date, time,location,of incident. Brief discription of extent damage,number of injuries,safety precautions.
7.15 Any request for additional informationshall be referred to.. Chief of Arson Investgator's office, HFD PIO or designee.
7.16 Security of Fire Information: Members shall no divulge any fire info. nor make fire records availableto any person or agency except... as provided by dept. guidlines, by laws,or by competent authority. Members shall treat as confidential the offical buiness of dept.
7.17 Religous or Political Arguments: will not be permitted on duty or on FD property. While on duty memebrs shall not circulate petitions, questionares, poll letter or document.
7.18 Mail Interdepartmental: Interdept.Mail should be limited to those items that originate within city agencies FOR CITY BUSINESS and concern documents or information considered being offical nature.
7.19 Movies,Slides, Pictures Ect.: Lewd or obscene calendars, pictures,slides,movies,tv programs,porn,ect. is... Strictly prohibited on the premises of Fire Dept.
7.20 Use of Computers: Computers are provided for dept. auth. use only.Members shall have no expectation of privacy in a workplace computer.Personal Passwords... Passwords shall be held strictly confidential and memebrs will be responsible for all computer use under their password.
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