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ARRT Registry Review covering Patient Care

If a patient arrives to the ER unconscious and alone, implied consent it assumed. true, pg 3
There are 12 rights of the patient in the Patient Bill of Rights true, pg 4
What are the four primary sources for laws in Medicolegal issues? Constitution, statutory law, regulations and judgments of administrative bureaus, and court decisions. Pg 6
Diastolic is over systolic in blood pressure readings. False, pg 25
A normal adult pulse is? 70 to 80 bpm, pg 25
What does systole represent? Contraction of the ventricles. Pg 25
What are common bloodborne pathogens? Hepatitis c virus, hepatitis b virus, and human immunodeficiency virus. Pg 36
Blood borne pathogens can be transmitted via_____? Blood and body fluids, pg 36
What are signs a patient may be diaphoretic? Pale, cool skin, fever with hot dry skin. Pg 54
What does parenteral refer to? Any route of administration if medication that is topical, subcutaneous, intramuscular, intravenous, and intrathecal. Pg 61
What are examples of ionic contrast agents? Omnipaque pg 63
What does stertorous mean? Labored or snoring pg 25
Define orthopnea. Difficulty breathing while recumbent. pg 25
Define oligopnea. Abnormally shallow, slow breathing. pg 25
Define dyspnea. Difficulty breathing pg 25
Describe symptoms of a patient that is cyanotic. Bluish lips, mucous membranes, nail beds. pg 24
What is medical asepsis? Destruction of pathenogenic microorganisms through the process of disinfection. pg 35
What is surgical asepsis? Sterilization: the removal of all microorganisms and their spores. pg 35
Surgical asepsis is only for what type of procedure? Invasive pg 39
What does diastole represent in the cardiac cycle? Relaxation of the heart. pg 52
What does extravasation mean? Medication or contrast leaking from a vein into tissue around the vein. pg 56
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