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Occ Prep

The Importance of Work

When there is ________, job growth slows down. less demand for products and services.
Full time workers in the US work about________hours per week. 40 - 50
The type of work you choose does NOT have to affect____________. How you dress at home
In an informal workplace, people are usually_________. Relaxed with each other
A(n) _________ is a general belief about a person or group that may not be true. Stereotype
Most people need this to live Money
These can be different within the same job. Workplaces
This is an understanding that workers will not lose their jobs. Job security
These are not always true. Stereotypes
This is a pattern of ups and downs in the economy. Business Cycle
The __________of work is different in different countries. Meaning
A __________ is not always true. Stereotype
Knowing the kind of _____________ you would like will help you when you look for work. Workplace
When there is more job growth, there is less__________. Unemployment
Some people go to ____________ to prepare for a career. School
How do low interest rates affect the number of jobs in home building? Low interest rates would allow more people to buy houses. Therefore the demand is high and builders are needed; there are more jobs in construction.
Why is it important to choose an occupation you will enjoy? You will be happier in life since you spend most of your time working.
What are 3 reasons people work? Make money, help others, and gain prestige.
Name some ways that the military is a formal workplace. Salute officers, wear uniforms, set schedule, enforce rules/strict.
Created by: krierson