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Resp Disease

Clickers for t exam 1

The standard diagnosis of CF? 1. PFT 2. Chest xray 3. Sweat chloride test 4. sputum culture Sweat chloride test
Which drug is routinely given to all CF pts? Albuterol pulmozyme pancrease all of the above all of the above
CF is a dysfunction of what system? exocine endocrine lymphatic mucociliary escalator exocrine
Bronchial hygiene is indicated for all of the follow except? bronchietasis CF asthma CB asthma
The only cure for CF is a lung transplant? True or False False
Nearly 50% of pt with bronchiectasis have: CF Pneumonia lung abcess bronchiolitis CF
The most typical ABG for a moderate stable CF pt? 7.48/29/85/23 7.38/53/75/31 7.30/68/70/24 7.45/32/90/26 7.38/53/75/31
Abnormal destruction of the bronchial walls is: Emphysema pneumonia bronchiectasis bronchiolitis bronchiectasis
which ABG is most concerning for a person having a severe asthma attack? 7.50/30/70/22 7.41/40/70/23 7.35/45/70/25 7.35/45/70/25
the most likely cause of extrinsic asthma: pollen exercise emotions air pollution pollen
Cause of bronchiectasis include all except: cystic fibrosis ciliary dynskinesia bronchial obstruction chronic asthma chronic asthma
which of the following is more consistent with emphysema: dry non productive cough increase sputum dry non productive cough
which is the standard for diagnosing COPD: CXR ABG spirometry sputum sample Spirometry
Alpha 1 deficiency usually causes: Panlobar emphysema centrilobar emphysema lung cancer cystic fibrosis panlobar emphysema
most common cause of CB: air pollution asthma smoking recurrent infection smoking
women comes into ED with acute asthma attack. Her HR 104, RR 28, SpO2 92, what would her blood gas show: 7.32/50/80/29 7.26/65/60/32 7.48/32/78/21 7.48/32/78/21 Respiratory alkalosis
Created by: laney21882