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RADT 456 Pat. Care

ARRT registry review

Which of the following drugs is used to treat dysrhthmias? a)epinephrine b)lidocaine c)nitroglycerin d) verapamil b) lidocaine
Examples of COPD include: a)bronchitis b) pulmonary emphysema 3)asthma 1,2,3
Respondeat superior means? Let the master answer
Which stage of infection do the infective microbes begin to multiply? a) latent period b) incubation period c) disease phase d) convalescent period b) incubation period
Hirschspring disease is related to which age group? neonates
Forms of intentional misconduct include: a) slander b)invasion of privacy c)negligence 1 & 2
A cathartic is used to do what? Stimunlate defecation
What needle angle is used for intramuscular injections 90 degrees
Type of shock associated with a PE or MI is classified as what? Cardiogenic
What is hypovolemic shock? Loss of amounts of blood from internal bleeding
What is a vasomotor reaction and its symptoms? nonallergic reaction; emotional and anxiety based reactions, anxiety, syncope, nausea, lightheadedness
What is a vasovagal reaction and its symptoms? Life threatening; bradycardia, hypotension and no detectable pulse
Condition where pulmonary alveoli lose their elasticity and become permanently inflated Emphysema
What venous device can be used for a patient requiring IV injections at frequent or regular intervals? Heparin lock
Particulate matter entering the respiratory bronchi can cause what? pneumoconiosis
All of the following are forms of mechanical obstruction except: a) paralytic ileus b) meconium ileus c) volvulus d)intussusception a) paralytic ileus
Blood pressure is measured in units of what? millimeters of mercury (mm Hg)
Medical term for congenital clubfoot is what? talipes
In what order should the following exams be performed? 1) Upper GI 2)IVU 3)BE 2,3,1
Diseases that require droplet precautions include: 1) rubella 2) mumps 3)influenza 1,2,3
Nitroglycerin is used to do what? Act as a vasoconstrictor
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