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Family theories

Test one with dr. Crow

Define quotidian The ordinary, usual, commonplace, and everyday events of daily life
Define prosaic The daily living that involves rituals, routines, rules of life
What is a Love-Lab? Gottman's research was centered in an apartment like situation within which couples spent several days a year for many years while being observed by researchers
Define the family of procreation the family we create with a partner and refers to that partner agreeing to form a relationship and include children
Define the family of orientation the family in which we were raised
What is Head Start? a government program started in the 60's under the leadership of President Lyndon B. Johnson as part of the Great Society initiative. It targeted the early education of disadvantaged children.
What are family processes? the strategies families use to attain goals. ex: creation & maintenance of rituals, parenting approaches
What does TANF stand for? Temporary Assistance to Needy Families
What is the family origin? the same thing as the family of orientation
Explain same-sex marriages marriage between two members of the same sex. Same-sex marriage is available in some states but not in most.
Explain the defense of marriage act Federal law passed in '96 stating that no state need treat a relationship between people of the same sex as a marriage, even if the relationship has been approved in another state. Has serious effects on things like insurance, and hospital rights.
what is a covenant marriage in some states, it's legal to obtain a marriage within which the couple agrees to premarital counseling and accepts a much more limited lit of grounds for divorce. Promoted by the religious right in American politics
explain no-fault divorce started in the 1970's by then governor Ronald Reagan & saved couples from having to legitimately prove their reason for divorce.
what is child rearing The act of raising a child
what is childbearing The act of creating and carrying a child
define polygyny one man marries more than one woman
define ideology encompasses the beliefs,values, attitudes, and assumptions of an individual or group that represent one's understanding of the world and how things are organized.
define protean family families are very adaptable and change structure and even what do within family life to meet the demands of a changing and volatile world
Is it possible to study the family without bringing a bias to that endeavor? No
What do we mean when we say we are defining family in terms of function rather than structure? we are describing it by what families provide for each other (i.e., financial support) rather than what families look like (i.e. two parents and their child[ren])
What do we mean when we say that family life is unique? It is different for every family and even for every person in that family
explain temporary assistance to need families the current government program to provide assistance to need families. it is different from past welfare programs in that benefits are time-bound and limited in scope.
Created by: laurenash