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RADT 456 Pt Care

ARRT Registry Review Patient Care

Name the 3 ways patient consent can be obtained. verbal, written, implied pg. 3 Prep Book
True or False? An advance Health Care Directive, or Living Will, names the individual authorized to make all health care decisions and can include specifics regarding DNR, DNI, and other end of life decisions. True pg. 5 Prep Book
True of False? A radiographer who exposes confidential patient information to unauthorized individuals can be found guilty of slander. False correct answer - invasion of privacy pg. 7 Prep Book
The small bowel consists of what three parts? Duodenum, Jejunum, Ileum pg. 17 Q&A
An intrathecal injection enters the A. Muscle B. Subarachnoid space C. Vein B. Subarachnoid space pg. 17-18 Q&A
True or False? IV tubing, catheters, and tourniquets all may contain latex. True pg. 19 Q&A
The most common cause of lower GI obstruction in neonates is known as what disease? Hirschsprung disease pg. 21 Q&A
What type of shock is associated with pooling of blood in the peripheral vessels? Neurogenic shock pg. 23 Q&A
Most needle sticks occur when? While trying to recap a needle pg. 25 Q&A
What is the normal range for diastolic pressure? 60 to 80 mm Hg pg 24 Q&A
Sterilization using steam under pressure is known as what? Autoclaving pg. 25 Q&A
What is the normal concentration of BUN? 8 to 25 mg/100mL pg. 27 Q&A
What pathology is known as twisting of the bowel on itself causing obstruction? Volvulus pg 27 Q&A
What are the five most easily palpated pulse points? radial, carotid, temporal, femoral, and popliteal pg. 29 Q&A
What ethical principal is related to the theory that patients have the right to decide what will or will not be done to them? Autonomy pg. 29 Q&A
What does the abbreviation qid mean? four times a day pg. 33 Q&A
True or False? Objective data includes signs and symptoms that can be observed? True pg. 34 Q&A
What two instruments are needed to measure blood pressure? Stethoscope and sphygmomanometer pg. 35 Q&A
What position places the patient's head lower than the rest of the body? Trendelenburg pg 20. Q&A
What is the adult condition called in which new bones fail to calcify? Osteomalacia pg. 19 Q&A
Created by: grbuechler