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Management 283

Management a practical approach chpt1-2

Management Organizations or people working together for a specif goal
What is Management Planning, organizing, Leading and controlling to achieve a goal
Efficency means The best way of attaining an organizations goals
To be effective Is to use resources, people, raw materials in a cost effective way
Managers Create Value because of: The multiplier effect ( getting things done thru people) thus having further reach
Rewards of studying management Ability to deal with org.,relating to superiors, working with people, and managing yourself
Rewards of practicing management Sense of accomplishments, Build better products/service, Strech your mang. abilities
7 challenges of a manager Managing for competitive adv, globalization, diversity, Info technology, ethical standards, sustainability self happyness
Internet A network of interconnected computers linking networks gobally
E-Commerce The buying and selling of products and services online
E-Business Using the internet for running every day aspect of a business
Knowledge management Implementing systems and practices to increase information sharing in an organization
Data bases A collection of interconnected computer files in a server
Colaborative computing Using state of the art software and comp hardware to help people work better
Sustainability Economic development that meets businesses needs without compromising the environment or the future
Managing your own happiness & life goals Being happy with yourself and achieving your goals
Managers 4 functions Planning,Organizing, Leading and controlling
Managers 4 functions is also called? The Management process
Planning is? Setting goals and how to achieve them
Organizing is? Arranging people tasks, and resources to reach the goals
Leading is? Motivating,directing, influencing people to achieve the org goals.
Controlling is? Monitoring performance, comparing goals, issuing corrective actions
Pyramid of powers consist of Top, Middle, First-line managers
Top managers CEOS, CFO's, they perform strategical functions about the overall direction of the orga­ nization and establish the objectives, policies, and strategies for it
Middle management Dept managers they perform tactical function and implement policies and strategies of top management
First-Line managers Perform daily tasks they are considered non-management personnel, supervisors, team leaders
Functional Manager Is responsible for the activities of that particular department ie. human resource, quality
General manager Is responsible for multiple departments, President vice president.
For profit organizations For making money thru the sale of goods and services
Non-Profit Organization Not for profit, Schools, the red cross ect..
Mutual Benefit Organization Unions, clubs, councils for members benefits
3 Types of Manangerial roles Interpersonal, informational, decisional
Interpersonal role? A figure head, spokesperson of the company
Informational role? A monitor and disseminator of information
Decisional role An entreprenur, crisis handler, resource allocator and negotiator
The skills of an exceptional manager includes? Technical skills, conceptual skills and human skills
Technical skills the ability to to the job
Conceptual skills The ability to think rationally and the visualization of the org as a whole the (big picture)
Human skills The ability to interact with people ( soft skills),to get things done
Competitive advantage The ability to produce goods and services that are cost efficient while innovating and answering customers need while outperforming the competition.
Managing for diversity The ability to work with people and maximise the contributions of employees regardless of age, gender or race
Managing for globalization The ability to understand the sociocultural environment, market, customs, and laws of other countries
A Manager Relies More on Verbal Than on Written Communication T or F True
A Manager Works Long Hours at an Intense Pace True or False True
A Manager's Work Is Characterized by Fragmentation, Brevity, & Variety
Created by: brsoul1
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