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Oncology Med

Cancer med

Temodar Temozolomide Alkylators
Casodex Bicalutamide Antiandrogens at the receptor site
Eulexin Flutamide Antiandrogens at the receptor site
Zoladex Goserelin LHRH agonist
Lupron Leuprolide LHRH agonist
Arimidex Anastrozole Aromatase Inhibitors
Aromasin Exemstane Aromatase Inhibitors
Femara Letrozole Aromatase Inhibitors
Faslodex Fulvestrant SERMs
Evista Raloxifene SERMs
Nolvadex Tamoxifen SERMs
Adriamycin Doxorubicin Anthracyclines
Ellence Epirubicin Anthracyclines
Novantrone Mitoxantrone Anthracyclines
Trexall Methotrexate Folate Antimetabolites
Mexate Methotrexate Folate Antimetabolites
Folex Methotrexate Folate Antimetabolites
Revlimid Lenalidomide Decrease angiogenesis
Talomid Thalidoide Decrease angiogenesis
Avastin Bevacizumab Angiogenesis Inhibitor: Limit tumor's blood supply by binding to VEGF-A
Campath Alemtuzumab Cell Surface Marker Target: Targe Lymphocyte CD-52
Mylotarg Gemtuzumab Cell Surface Marker Target: Targe Leukocytes CD-33 and release Calicheamicin
Rituxan Rituximab Cell Surface Marker Target: Targe Lymphocyte CD-20
Bexxar Tositumomab Cell Surface Marker Target: Targe Lymphocyte CD-20 and radiolabeled
Erbitux Cetuximab Target Over Expression
Herceptin Trastuzumab
Afinitor Averolimus MTOR Inhibitor
Paraplatin-AQ Carboplatin Platinum Based Compounds
Platinol Cisplatin Platinum Based Compounds
Eloxatin Oxaliplatin Platinum Based Compounds
Imuran Azathioprine Purine Analog Antimetabolites
Purinethol Mercaptopurine Purine Analog Antimetabolites
6-MP Mercaptopurine Purine Analog Antimetabolites
Xeloda Capectable Pyrimidine Analog Antimetabolites
5-FU Fluorouracil Pyrimidine Analog Antimetabolites
Adrucil Fluorouracil Pyrimidine Analog Antimetabolites
FUDR Floxuridine Pyrimidine Analog Antimetabolites
Gemzar Gemcitabine Pyrimidine Analog Antimetabolites
Taxotere Docetaxel Taxanes
Taxol Paclitaxel Taxanes
Camptosar Irinotecan Topoisomerase I Inhibitor
VePesid Etoposide Topoisomerase II Inhibitor
VP-16 Etoposide Topoisomerase II Inhibitor
Xalkori Crizotinib TKIs Target Anaploastic Lymphoma Kinase (ALK)
Gleevec Imatinib TKIs Target BCR-ABL
Tarceva Erlotinib TKIs Target EGFR
Velban Vinblastine Vinca alkaloids
Vincasar Vincristine Vinca alkaloids
Navelbine Vinorelbine Vinca alkaloids
Trisenox Arsenic Trioxide Induces terminal differentiation of cells or apoptosis
Blenoxane Bleomycin Intercalcatine agent blocking topoisomerase II
Colorectal cancer with K-ras mutation does not respond to this med Brand: Erbitux Generic: Cetuximab MOA target over expression of growth factor that promote cancer cell
Not recommended in lung or liver transplant pt (BBW) Rapamune Sirolimus mTOR Kinase inhibitor which inhibit T cell activation and proliferation
Afinitor Everolimus PO Daily with or without food
Neuropathy exacerbation by exposure to cold Eloxatin Oxaliptin
Testing for TPMP and ITPA deficiency required before starting Tx Brand: Purinethol Generic: Mercaptopurine MOA Purine analog that inhibit the synthesis of purine
Xanthine oxidase inhibitor can raise Bioavailability by 400% - 500%. Required dose reduction when used together Purinethol Mercaptopurine PO 1 hr before 2 hr after meal
Testing for Dihydropyrimidine dehydrogenase (DPD) deficiency. DPD deficiency increase risk of toxicity Brand: Xeloda Generic: Capecitabine Prodrug of 5FU (Adrucil) Pyrimidine analog that inhibit pyrimidine synthesis
Given visa intra-hepatic artery or portal vein infusion for isolated hepatic metastases. Less than 10% reaches systemic circulation fso less toxicity with more of a targeted effect on the metastases Brand: FUDR Generic: Gloxuridine Pyrimidine analog antimetabolite
Hypersensitivity rxn (78%) due to polytoxyethylated castor oil solvent system. Pre-treat with dexamethasone, dephenhydramine and H2-blockers. Brand: Taxol Generic: Paclitaxel Brand: Abraxane Paclitaxel albumin bound less hypersensitivity rxns, does not require pre-medication
Cytoxan Cyclophosphamide Alkylators
Ifex Ifosfamide Alkylators
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