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Middle East

RoughRider Middle East

What most influenced settlement patterns Water
Who has built a network of dams and irrigation ditches on the Tigris and Euphrates Turkey
The Middle East and North Africa is a __ region. Perceptual
The Middle East and North Africa is considered a single region because They share a common religion and language.
What caused large scale migration from the Middle East? Drought, disease, famine, and political instability
People who have left the area near the Sahara Desert to migrate to the Mediterranean Sea area
The spread of democracy to the Middle East has caused Conflict within the area
The West considered the move to democracy as a Good thing
Public policy and decision-making can be influenced by Cultural beliefs such as nationalism and patriotism
What factors have forced the Middle East and North Africa to adjust the way land is used? Population growth, overuse of the land, and water resources
City location is determined by Water sources, climate, and transportation
What technology has allowed this area to survive extreme drought and provides fresh drinking water? Desalination
How is Syria similar to the United States democracy, 3 branches of government (executive, legislative, judicial), president and legislators serve a limited term and both are elected by the people
How is Syria different from the United States use military force to control political opposition, president has a 7 year term, legislators have a 4 year term
What connects the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea? Suez Canal
Why is Israel very ethnically diverse? people have immigrated to Israel from all over the world
What do the religious groups in the Middle East oppose about the west? Why? style of dress and music; protect cultural values
Oil-rich nations use the amount of oil production to control the price of the oil. This, in turn, influences the policies of the oil-dependent nations who need the oil.
Five characteristics of Judaism are one God that was revealed on Mr. Sinai, 10 commandments were given by God, the Torah is the most important document, Messiah has not yet come, and the Sabbath is for prayer, rest, study, and family feasting
Judaism's most important book is the Torah
Islam's most important book is the Qur'an
Diffusion spreading out; clutural diffusion is the spreading out of culture from a central point
Push Factors things that cause a person to want to LEAVE a place
Pull Factors things that cause a person to want to COME to a place
characteristics of Arabic culture are Arabic language, Islam, care for the poor, family loyality, food
How are the women of the West different from the women of the Middle East? The women of the Middle East have fewer political and social rights than the men. This creates conflict between the Middle East and the West
What are the causes of the conflict between Palestine and Israel? water aquifers, Jerusalem, and Jewish settlements
Most Egyptions live on about what percent of the land? 3% because much of Egypt is desert
Where is most of the farming done in the Middle East? in the Western part of the Mediterranean Sea area. Most people live here.
Where in the Middle East do the nomadic people live? arid and semi-arid areas
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