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Oxygen concentration in Air Required for respiration 21%
DOT Department of Transportation Requires cylinders to conform to well-defined specifications
Critical Tempature of oxygen -118C
Critical tempature the point above which a gas cannot be liquified no how much pressure is applied
How do you liquify a gas By pressurizing it
At room tempature Oxygen is: Gas
What is the maximum working pressure 2200 Normal is 2015
* (next to test date) indicates DOT approval for 10 year testing
+ tests passed and the cylinder is approved for filling to 10% above it's service pressure
Large Cylinders Use hexagonal nut connections
Small cylinders sizes through E
3 types of pressure relief valves Frangible (rupture disks)-large cylinders use Fusible plug spring loaded devices
ASSS- American Standard Safety System More than 2000psi (on H cylinders therefore Hexagonal)
PISS- Pin index safety system less than 2000psi Uses yoke
DISS- Diamaeter Index Safety system less than 200
Air PISS 1-5
Oxygen PISS 2-5
Duration equation (cylinder pressure x cylinder factor)/flow rate of gas
Example of duration equation E cylinder;flow set at 2L/min; 1000 psi pressure left in tank (1000 psi X .28 factor)/ 2L/min = 140min or 2 hr 18min
You have Primary, secondary and reserve. What is the reserve supply Supply in case hospital runs out
Primary and Secondary are usually in what form Liquid containers because of their low pressure
What is the shut off valve called Zoning
2 common types of station outlet (on wall) Ohmeda (ohio) and Chemetron
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