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Study Guide I

Pharmacy Law

A tincture is a plant extract mixed with alcohol true
Tincture of Opium is used to treat diarrhea true
When measuring a liquid, it is important to read the graduated cylinder a the bottom of the meniscus true
NASAIDs are good for treating mild to moderate pain because they are NOT addictive like narcotics true
ALL benzodiazepines are C-IV true
Redness is a sign of inflammation true
When inflammation is prolonged it can lead to a disease called arthritis true
The main difference between first-generation and second-generation antihistamines is that the first generation drugs caused more drowsiness true
A licensed tech my call the doctor's office for a refill auth true
Respiratory depression is a major side effect produced by a narcotic overdose true
Only physicians use the Physicians' Desk Reference false
A nationally certified tech is not required to complete any continuing education false 20 units every 2 years
All techs should carry a Facts and Comparisons in their lab coat pocket false...the book is too big
Which muscle relaxants is a DEA scheduled controlled substance All benzo's including diazepam, alprazolam, lorazepam. Soma is also included. All C-IV
What patient should NOT take misoprostol (Cytotec), a drug sometimes used to counter gastric irritating effecgts of NSAIDs pregnant women, my cause miscarriage
What causes gouty arthritis high uric acid
What meds treat gouty arthritis colchicine 0.6 mg, zyloprim 150 mg, 300 mg, NSAIDs ok...NO ASA
What can cause fatal poisonings in children Iron, FeSO4
How many members are currently on the CA State Board of Pharmacy 13
How many milliliters are contained in 1 pint 473 exact 480 rounded
How long is a controlled substance scrip valid for 6 months from the date written
Which agency is responsible for a drug recall FDA
Convert 37 degrees Centigrade to Fahrenheit 98.60 (normal body weight)
How many fluid oz's are in one pint 473 mL exact, 480 mL rounded
How many grams are in one pound 454 G
How many grams are contained in 1 kilogram 1000 G
How many micrograms are contained in 1 milligram 1000 mcg
How many milligrams are contained in 1 gram 1000 mg
How many milligrams are contained in 1 grain 60 mg
How many milliliters are contained in 1 oz 30 mL
How many milliliters are contained in 1 gal 3785 mL
How many milliliters are contained in 1 pint 473 mL
How many ozs are contained in 1 pound 16 oz
What is the correct temp (in Fahrenheit) for a pharmacy refrigerator 36-46 degrees F (2 degree-8 degrees C)
What is the antidote for a Tylenol overdose mucomyst
What is the antidote for a Coumadin overdose vitamin K
What is the antidote for a Digoxin overdose digabind
What is the antidote for a Valium overdose romazacon
What is the antidote for a Heparin overdose protamine sulfate
The pharm tech tranfer a scrip from CVS to Rite-Aid illegal
The pharm clerk types a scrip label legal
Dr. Jose Cruz writes a scrip for himself. The RX is for Lomotil. The pharmacy fills the scrip illegal (cannot write a scrip for self that is a controlled substance)
A Pharm Tech processes a scrip for a refill on Percodan illegal
The medicine Shoppe fills a scrip for Vicodin HP #28 for Vin Sculley. The RX is filled today. The RX was written on 06/15/12. illegal
What med should be discontinued slowly prednisone (it is a steroid)
What drug is used to protect the stomach when taking NSAIDs misoprostol
What is NOT an effect of aspirin antiulcer
If a patient cannot tolerate NSAID what med my they take acetaminophen
Cocaine belongs to what category of controlled substances C-II
An overdose of morphine would cause respiratory depression
Which auxiliary label should be affixed to a scrip of Diphenhydramine elixir may cause drowsiness
What is the max # of refills permitted for a Schedule III med 5 refills
What can ONLY be performed by a pharmacist accepting a verbal med order from a physician
To avoid typical side effects of NSAID take with meals
What can be used to relieve symptoms of an allergic reaction Diphenhydramine
Beta-adrenergics has what effect on the bronchial airways dilates them
Federal law requires which of the following info to be documented on a daily basis a log of controlled substances dispensed
Marinol is a C-III
What agency is responsible for making sure a drug is properly labeled and does not cause a health hazard FDA
Which federal legislation enacted in 1970 regulates the use and distribution of substances with high abuse potential CSA
The Controlled Utliization Review & Evaluation System obligates pharmacies to report the distribution of specific legend drugs on a monthly basis
How often must contolled substances be physically inventoried once every 2 years
Drugs that increase the level of activity of the brain are stimulants
Drugs that stimulate the CNS and aid in staying awake or restore mental alertness are anorexants
Narcotics are used to induce vomiting, treat diarrhea, suppress cough, relieve pain
The drug of choice in treating a benzo overdose are flumazenil (Romazicon)
The drug of choice for treating a narcotic overdose is narcan
Barbiturates are used as a sedative/hypnotic, anit-convulsant
Benzo's are classied as anti-convulsants (valium), anit-anxiety (xanax), muscle relaxants, sedative/hypnotic (dalmane, restoril)
What is NOT a sign of a narcotic overdose dilated pupils
The 5 schedules for controlled substances were established on the basis of efficacy, abuse potential, and medical use
Federal law requires that alll controlled substances dispensed bear the following statement on the label Federal Law prohibts the transfer of this drug to another person
Which agency is responsible for regulating a blood pressure monitor FDA
Which non-governmental agency is responsible for the accreditation of an institutional setting JCAHO
The DEA regulates controlled substances by production quotas, monitoring usuage, securing distribution
How old does a person have to be to sign for a narcotic 18
Abbrev for RIGHT eye od
What does supp mean suppository
The stamp 11159.2 means Pt is terminally ill-fill RX
What drug info source would a tech use for info concerning the dosing of a newly marketed antihypertensive facts and comparisons
what book lists only FDA-approved drugs Physicians' Desk Reference
List of approved uses of medications formulary
A patient has taken a drug but does not know what it is; the technician can use which reference book to find out what it is Ident-A-Drug
Pharmacy journals have information about new drugs, the future of pharmacy, legislative changes
What book provides package inserts from manufactrers PDR
A major pharmacy technician assoc. that is run by techs for techs is the NPTA
Info about a patient's med condition may be shared with the patient and the patient's mother with written permission from patient
What types of pharmacies must comply with HIPAA chain, hospital, independent, mail order
Which items should NOT be sent by pneumatic tube chemo drug, controlled substances, really expensive items, the last of anything
What drugs are in our Adult Emergency Drug Tray altropine, narcan (naloxone), epinephrine, lidocaine, calcium chloride, GlucaGen, adenocard
Which drugs treat migranes imitrex, excedrin, amerge, maxalt
The 1906 Food and Drug Act was one of the first laws enacted to stop the sale of inaccurately labeled drugs True
What 2 drugs are contained in Tylenol #3 acetaminophen 300 mg/codeine 30 mg
When using aspirin to reduce fever in children (19 yrs old and younger) this incidence may increase Reye's
About how many milligrams of codeine does it take to stop a cough 10-15 mg
What is the strenght of Vicoden ES 7.5 mg/750 mg
Diazapam is a benzo, it a C-IV, avail in 2mg, 5mg, 10mg tabs, avail as a rectal gel and PO solution
What is the max adult daily dose for ibuprofen 3200 mg
Bumex is 40 times stronger than Lasix
When injected, a 30mg dose of which of the following NSAIDs is as effective as 12mg of morphine in relieving pain toradol (5 days only)
What warning label should appear on a scrip for muscle relaxants may cause drowiness and do not drink alcohol
Lanoxin is given through what routes po and IV
Generic drug names ending with -olol are usually for High Blood Pressure
The most common dose for NTG SL 0.4 mg or 1/150 gr
What is the strenght of Soma 250 mg and 350 mg
Tablet strenght for Lasix 20mg, 40mg, 80mg
Beta blockers should have what auxiliary stickers May cause drowiness or dizziness
The "holy book" of pharmacy Facts and Comparison
What is NOT a property fo a nonsteroidal antiinflammatory agent antihistamine
How many milliliters are contained in 1 pint 473 mL
The patient Insert (PPI) must be included every time the scrip is dispensed for what drug product Birth Control Pill
2 muscle relaxants are DEA scheduled controlled substance diazepam (Valium) carisoprodol (Soma)
Through the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act of 1938, the FDA had the authority to approve or deny new drug, conduct inspections and ensure compliance
3 true statements regarding schedule II drugs they have the potential for severe psychological and physical dependence, they CANNOT be refilled, they CANNOT be refilled by phone except in the case of emergency
The Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FDC) of 1938 created teh Food and Drug Admin (FDA) and required a new drug application (NDA) to filed before marketing of new drugs
The Durham-Humphrey Amendment of 1951 provided for the refilling of scrips, dispensing of drugs over the counter, and taking verbal prescriptions
Required all narcotics to be labeled "Warning: May be habit forming" Food Drug and Cosmetic Act
Ensures the safety and effectiveness of all new drugs on the market Kefauver-Harris Amendment
Made the initial distinction between legend drugs and OTC drugs Durham-Humphrey Amendment
Created the stair-step method for rating controlled substances Comprehensive Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act
Requires that veterinarians must write a scrip for drugs to be used in animans Prescription Drug Marketing Act
Required all manufacturers to put truthful info on the label before selling their drugs Federal Food and Drug Act
Stiffened regulations on the abuse problems of anabolic steroids Anaboic Steroids Control Act
Required opium to have a prescription Harrison Narcotic Act
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