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Com Arts 2

com arts

author's purpose author's reason for writing
convince to cause someone to agree
establish to create or prove
acheive to carry out sucessfully
expository texts facts,details, technical language,figurative language,imagery,word choice,sentance structure
literature characters, theme, word choice, genre,imagery, setting
examine to study carefully
differentiate to show how things are not alike
signify to have a meaning or represent
position writers opinion or point of view about the topic
ethical appeal "right thing to do"
emotional appeal "heart felt"
propaganda a form of persuasion that can be good or bad
bandwagon technique everyone is doing it so you should do it too
glittering generalities words that have positive or strong emotional meanings
testimonials things that have other real people say its good
celebrity endorsements testimonials by famous people
denotation literal dictionary meaning
connotation feelings associated with word
figurative language exaggeration, personification
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