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study hard brooke! one of us needs to do one lesson and visversa

All objects have _______ energy, which is energy due to its _______ Kinetic-motion
Within a given substance, particles in the substances _______ state have the least amount of kinetic energy and particles in the _______ state have the most kinetic energy Solid-gaseous
________ is the measure of the average kinetic energy of all the particles in an object Temperature
A temperature increases within a given substance that means that the particles, on average are moving at ______ speeds and have _____ kinetic energy in that substance greater,greater
Particles have _______ energy as well as kinetic energy Potential
Potential energy is ______ energy stored
Chemical potential energy ________ as the particles get farther apart and _______ as the particles become closer together increases decreases
The total kinetic and potential energy of an object is a measure of its _______ Thermal energy
An objects state of matter can be changed by adding or removing Thermal energy
Adding thermal energy to an object causes the particles to move faster (increasing ______ energy), or to get farther apart (Increasing ______ energy) or to do both. Kinetic, Potential
When enough thermal energy is added, a solid changes to a _____ this process is called _____ liquid-melting
When enough thermal energy leaves a liquid, the liquid changes to a _______ this process is called ______ Solid- Freezing
A liquid changed to a gas during the process of _______ vaporization
If the vaporization occurs within a liquid, the process is called _____ boiling
Vaporization that occurs only at the surface of the liquid is _______ Evaporation
The change of state from a gas to a liquid is called ______ condensation
_______ Is the change of state from a solid to a gas without going through the liquid state Sublimation
_______ Is the change if state from a gas to a solid without going through the liquid state Deposition
The only substance that exists on Earth in all three states is _______ Water
When you add ______ energy to ice, the temperature of the ice increases, which means that the ______ energy of the water molecules increases Thermal-kinetic
At the ________ point of water (0) water molecules vibrate so fast that they begin to move out of their places and melting occurs melting
Once a substance melts, the average ______ energy of its particles begins to increases again as more ______ energy is added. Kinetic-thermal
When water reaches its _____ point (100) liquid water begins to change water_______ Boiling- vapor
When thermal energy is removed from water vapor it _______ at 100 and the liquid water ______ at 0 Condenses-freezes
Matter and ______ are always conserved during a change of state energy
Matter changes form during a change of state, but it is _____ Conserved
Energy is _____ or released during a change of state, but it is conserved during this change Absorbed
a form of matter is another name for a ______ of matter. states
the three most common states of matter on Earth are solids, ____, and gases liquids
most of the matter in space is on a fourth state of matter called ____, which is high-energy matter consisting of positively and negatively charged particles. plasma
____ can be described in many ways. matter
some descriptions, such as color and odor, involve using your _____. senses
other descriptions, such as mass or volume, are _______. measurements
particle ____ and particle _____ determine a substance's state of matter motion- forces
no matter how close they are to each other, all particles have _____ motion. random
particles that are free to move in a _____ line until they ____ with something straight-collide
there is a force of ______ between positively charged ____ and negatively charged _____ attractions-protons-electrons
when particles move _____ they move closer together, and the attractive forces between them are ____ slowly- strong
when particles move ____, they move farther apart, and the attractive forces between them are _____. faster- weaker
a solid has a definite ____ and a definite ____. shape-volume
the type of solid depends on how the ____ in the solid are arranged. particles
when the particles are arranged in a specific, repeating order, the solid is a ______ solid. crystalline
if the particles are randomly arranged, the solid is an _______ solid amorphous
a liquid has a definite _____ but no definite _____. volume- shape
unlike solids, liquids flow and can take the _____ of their container shape
the particles motion in a liquid state of a substance is _____ than the particle motion in substance's solid state. faster
the attractive forces between the particles in a liquid are _____ than they are in a solid. weaker
a measurement of a liquid's resistance to flow is its _____ viscosity
the attraction between molecules that are alike, such as water molecules, is called _____. cohesion
molecules at the surface of a liquid also have ____ _____, which involves the uneven forces acting on the particles on the surface of a liquid. surface tension
usually, stronger _____ forces between particles in linked to a greater ____ _____ of a liquid attractive- surface tension
a gas has no definite _____ and no definite ____ volume-shape
the distance between gas particles are so ___ _____ and the attractive forces so ____ that gas particles spread out to fill their container far apart- weak
the gas state of a substance that is usually is a solid or a liquid at room temperature is called a ____ vapor
Created by: brookemj1