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practice managers test

Licensees shall NOT provide any service that claims to have a Medical or healing benefit
The minimum age at which a person may be licensed by the State Board of Cosmetology is 16
All chemicals or equipment used in a licensed facility are subject to approval by the board to Ensure health and safety of licensees and patrons
Any licensee notified of a Board action regarding a violation of the rules may Request a hearing within 30 days
Students shall have completed ______ % of there course outlines before they shall participate as an intern 50
Salons shall inform _____ of a student's intern status before students provide any services all clients
The type of lancet permitted for use in a salon is sterile, one-use and disposable
A dispensary must Not be accessible by the public
A salon license application must be filled with the Board within how may days for a change in ownership 30
Where shall a copy of sanitary standards be posted in a salon Public and conspicuous place
Upon request of an inspector, each licensed salon facility must provide a current list showing Name of each employee, type of license, license number, and current address
To properly disinfect an implement it should first be Thoroughly cleaned
Within a three foot radius from the center of any styling or shampoo service chair, floor covering shall be totally Nonabsorbent
Dogs (except dogs providing assistance with physical handicaps) cat, birds, or other animals _____ in a cosmetology salon. Shall not be permitted
Every license issued by the OSBC is valid until The last day of January of the odd number year
"Practice of cosmetology" means Engages in the practice of hair, skin, and nail care
Every cosmetology establishment must be under the direct supervision of A licensed salon manager
Out-of-state licenses are Not valid in the state of Ohio
Monthly meetings held by the Ohio State Board of Cosmetology are _____ meetings Public
Interning students may be scheduled for a minimum of _____ hours per day in a salon 4
While working in an approved salon, all students participating in the internship program shall wear A Board identification card
If a salon wishes to add other services, these services must be approved Before beginning to offer the services
Each salon dispensary shall measure no less then 24 sq ft with 6 ft walls
Salon facility licenses are NOT Directly transferable
A salon manager is required to be on duty in the event of a situation reguarding A person's safety
Salons may retail Any legal merchandise that does not create a health, safety or sanitation problem
The following is an effective disinfectant in a salon EPA registered tuberculocides or product registered against HIV/HBV
Walls, floors, and fixtures shall be _____ and kept clean at all times Sanitary
Pedicure stations with circulating or whirlpool effects Must be flushed, cleaned, and disinfected bi-weekly and cleaned and disinfected after each use
Licensees age _____ and older prior to the beginning of a renewal period are exempt from the requirement to obtain continuing education hours 65
How often does a license need to be renewed The last day of January of the odd number year
Professions other than cosmetology may be practiced in a licensed salon provided They are regulated by another Ohio Board
"One year" for purposes of computing work experience is equal to 2000 hours
Temporary work permits are valid up until Date of examination
A student working in a salon may recieve Credit for hours but no pay
A student of an Ohio licensed school of cosmetology may obtain what percent of there required course through a salon internship 10%
Application for the opening of a beauty salon shall provide the board a floor plan drawn to scale
A wet disinfectant container is required in which area of the salon Dispensary
Who shall be responsible for the compliance of cosmetology statutes and rules in an independent contractor salon Independent contractor and salon owner
You must conspicuously display your license for inspection By an authroized agent of the Board
Products and devices used in salons/schools must meet all _____ guidelines FDA (Food and Drug Administration)
Clean up items from minor cuts shall be double bagged or placed in _____ containers Biohazard
All cloth towels, robes, and similar items shall be laundered with laundry detergent and ____ Chlorine/Household bleach
Salon offering food shall comply with what local Ohio board Health board
Out-of-state condinuing education hours shall be submitted for approval to State Board within _____ days of completion 30
A person with a hair design license may perform Only hair design services
Who is responsible for displaying an employee's current Ohio Board license The employee
An inspection report is to be signed by the Board inspector and The salon owner or manager
A student intern may work in a salon Only in assisting capacity
Student interns are required to keep a ____ of services, jobs, tasks, etc performed during the internship Daily journal
Licensees performing a service that is not specified in the rules requires a Certificate of training
Salon facilities shall comply with all permits required by State, local, and Federal Regulations
A salon dispensary is NOT required to have Table and chairs
Who is responsible for displaying an employee's Ohio Temporary work permit The owner
How often should wet disinfectant container be prepaired Daily or more if the solution becomes diluted or soiled
All shampoo capes, hair cloths, or similar articles used for draping purposes must be used with a paper neck band or paper towel
An independent contractor is responsible for Common areas when present
Every person engaged in the practice of cosmetology or any of its branches shall thoroughly cleanse his or her hands with soap and water _____ serving each patron Immediately before
Which of the following must a tanning facility provide for a patron Protective eyewear
Continuing education requirement is Eight hours per license, per renewal period
In which situation would a Board inspector issue a violation against a salon Unlicensed person
Board may NOT waive continuing education requirements for Jury Duty
Notice of change in personal or business address must be provided to the Board Within 30 days of the actual address change
When working with a student intern in a salon, 'chemical treatment' means Alteration of molecular structure of the hair, skin, or nails
Salons accepting student interns and the students school shall have signed _____ on file Training Agreement
What type of cosmetology service may an Ohio State Board of Cosmetology licensee practice in a licensed salon Service within their scope of practice
Restrooms in the salon facility must have A sanitary and functional toilet
Entry or access to the restroom shall NOT be through The dispensary
To be an independent contractor in the state of Ohio you must hold what type of license Ohio Managers Licensee
When is it required for the licensees to update the photographs on their license Every 5 Years
All bottles and/or containers other than the original manufactures' containers shall be Properly Labled as to contents
Wooden Spatulas Must be discarded after one use
What is NOT an acceptable area to carry or store clean combs, brushes, or any type of implement Uniform Pocket
In a tanning salon, all articles and equipment used by the patron must be Disinfected with a viricidal product
How many hours of continuing education are required for a person holding both a, Managing Esthetics and Managing Manicurist, license 16 hours
All persons employed in a salon to perform cosmetology services are required to hold A current valid cosmetology license
A license is considered lapsed if it has been expired for more than 6 months
It is a 'prohibited act' for a salon manager to ____ a Board inspector in identifying an individual believed to be working in the salon Interfere with
A student intern is using or applying chemical treatments in the salon must Have completed 70% of there base license course outline
Exfoliation means the sloughing off of non-living (dead) skin remains by every superficial and ______ means Non-invasive
A licensed salon is required to have a restroom except it it is in a mall
A licensed facility that is connected to a residential home is require to maintain an entrance separate from living quarters
An Ohio licensed manager must be present in an open salon at all times except For a period of sixty minutes two times a day
A salon is considered 'open for business' if no hours are posted and the doors are unlocked
All implements, which have come into contact with blood or body fluids shall be disinfected by complete immersion in An EPA registered, tuberculocidal disinfectant
styptics to arrest bleeding shall be used only in liquid or powder form applied by a sanitary item
A person with definite open sores may be served only if Written permission from a doctor has been secured
A complete record for individual receiving tanning services must be kept for 1 year
What is required of a licensee to place their current license in escrow Apply to the Board and pay the renewal fee
A cosmetologist may NOT perform a service intended to Cure a physical or mental ailment
The holder of a lapsed license may practice only after the license has been Restored
The Board may refuse to renew, or may suspend or revoke any license for Conviction of a felony or misdemeanor which was performed in a the licensed facility
When a student intern is present in a salon A manager with at least 5 years experience must be present
The maximum numbers of hours per day a student intern may accumulate in the salon is 8
a licensee may provide advanced serviced provided they have demonstrated appropriate, skills, knowledge, and ability to provide the service
In what two areas of a salon should waste containers be covered Dispensary and restroom
All cosmetology services performed in conjunction with glamour photography services shall be provided In a licensed salon
A primarily retail salon is one that has least what percentage of footage devoted to retail sales 50
An inspection of any Ohio licensed salon may be completed During regular business hours when no hours are posted and the doors are unlocked
What would be the proper mixture of household bleach to be used and as 'appropriate disinfectant' 9 parts water 1 part bleach
All licensed services providers shall use product containers to Prevent contamination of unused soulution
The Board has the right to require a physical examination of any person employed in the salon who is suspected of having A parasitic infestation in a communicable stage
Each tanning facility shall have an operator on duty at all times that possesses a valid current Certificate of formal training
Programs shall not be approved by the Board in segments of less then ___ hour for continuing education. 1
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